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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Camas Blouse

Would you look at this cute top by Thread Theory Designs?  This is the Camas Blouse.  I didn't know Thread Theory made women's patterns.  
Camas Blouse - Thread Theory - 2

I had what I think is just the right fabric for this top.  This is a linen knit in a very pale green.  If you've never sewn with a linen knit, they are wonderfully soft but you need to take a few precautions.  

First of all, look how low the neckline is on this!  I knew it would be low but I also knew that with the lightness of the fabric I'd wear a cami underneath.  

This knit also gathered really well!  

Both the front and back yokes are self lined.  If your knit is super stretchy, you may want to consider adding a fusible, stretch interfacing.  I did not.  On every knit garment I make, I staystitch stay-tape just inside of the seam on the wrong side of the garment.  This small step ensures I don't get anything to stretch out of shape.

I used steam-a-seam on the hems.

I also choose not to have functioning buttonholes.  This went on and off easily so no need!  

I used a rotary cutter when I cut this pattern out and carefully fused a high-quality interfacing to both sides of the bands prior to stitching on.  No matter how careful I was, I still had an area or two where I just didn't have the same width so I used a quilting attachment.  That is that bar thing you can see above.  This ensured that when I stitched these bands on, I had an equal width everywhere around it. I simply love sewing tools!

Here you can see more of the front gathers.  This is a great pattern.  I hope you will try a new-to-you pattern company this summer!

Thanks for reading!


  1. What happened at the sleeve and bottom hems? They're quite wavy.

    1. I used a stretch stitch and they ended up that way. I do not mind the waviness at all and think it adds to the overall character of the top

  2. This is definitely a new to me pattern company! What a great pattern and I love your version. Just might have to give this one a try!

    1. I hope you do try it ellegeemakes! I think you'll love it!

  3. I've seen this pattern before, but I've not tried it. I love how light it looks in the linen! I just cut out a linen tee that I'm adding a hacked split flutter sleeve to. Thanks for the tips. I'll make sure I add some stay tape to my shoulders and hems. The linen is gorgeous, but not so great in the recovery department.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth and you are right, once it stretches out, it is stretched! A flutter sleeve sounds so nice with this type of fabric!