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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Rova summer dress by Jalie

The instant this pattern was released, I ordered it.  I love EVERYTHING about it--the styling, shape, length, options, so with so much love going on, it took me until this week to make it!

Jalie 3678 - ROVA - Pattern Cover

But then again, it took until about two weeks ago for summer weather to arrive so I guess my timing is just fine.  :)  

Please pardon the blowing hair, it was super windy on this hot and very, very humid morning.

I love this black linen from Fabric Mart.  It has been in my stash for over a year now.  What on earth took me so long to use it?  

For once in my life, I felt like I thoroughly read through the directions.  Typically I read them but don't necessarily devour them, there is a difference, right?

See the back, I will let you know about that soon!

So I made this based on my full bust...typically I use my high bust and make an FBA.  But since Jalie says to use your FULL bust, I decided to try it thinking I would have to recut the front piece as it would gape and be too wide at the neckline.  Turns out Jalie knew exactly what they were doing (gasp!) when they said to use your full bust.  The bust on this is may I say, perfect?  

I did however had to take the hips in quite a bit.  That's okay with me!  Anytime I can take something in is a good day!

Now, let's talk about the back for a minute.  My original idea was to do some cutwork embroidery on the back section.  I had a nice design going on and then the neighbors stopped over to test out our new backyard furniture and fire pit.  Well, 8 turned into 9, turned into 11:30 and when the hubby entered the kitchen (yes for some reason I took my sewing machine to the kitchen), he unplugged my machine mid-embroidery!  I hadn't saved the hacked design and wasn't able to recreate it so I tossed it.  AHHHHH!  I didn't have enough to create a second back from the main fabric so I used this eyelet from my stash.  Thank goodness the blacks were the same intensity and had the same depth of color!  Actually, I think I like this version much better than had I used the embroidered.  I will try so cutwork emboridery again on another garment.

No matter what I did, my bra straps showed.  It doesn't bother me but it does the DH.  

Here is a peek at the insides.  You make your own bias tape, attach it, and then fold it to the inside and stitch.  I didn't create this exactly as written, but it is the same idea and it works.

Those pockets are just awesome!  They are roomy, fit your hands perfectly and are cute.  I also installed the drawstring at the waist and used an athletic shoe lace and cord stops at the ends.  

I really love this dress.  I will make it again either in a tunic length or maybe a maxi!  This pattern is a definite winner from Jalie, but what's not to expect from Jalie?

Thanks for reading!


  1. You look great in black! Lovely fit, and the eyelet really ups the whole garment. I'm going to get this pattern!

  2. Great little dress, and love the back. hmmm - little strap holders in your future, LOL!

  3. This is a great dress & I love the eyelet !

  4. ok, that does it! I have to buy this pattern now!

  5. Such a lovely dress! Love everything about it and what a shock that they got the bust right! I always have to do an FBA myself for the same reason - this is the biggest tribute you could pay them honestly but I'm with you! I LOVE Jalie and toot their horn whenever I get a chance.

  6. What a great summer dress. Love everything about it - especially the eyelet.

  7. Pretty dress! Have you tried this? https://www.thespruce.com/sew-a-bra-strap-holder-2977322

  8. Love it! The fact that is for wovens is also nice! You look great in your dress! Love the back !

  9. What a perfect summer dress! Love the back detail.

  10. Love this dress, and the back detail is a nice surprise.

  11. Such a wonderful dress - love the back!