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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ottobre 3/2013 #4--Harem-type pants for Elaina!

How cute are these little pants?

Image result for images Ottobre 3/2013

When I was looking for a few things to make for my little Elaina, I found these pants.  I just had to make them as how comfortable do they look? Perfect for 90 degrees and 70 or so percent humidity.

Yes, this is another pattern from Ottobre design 3/2013.  This is pattern #4.  This is sized for infants from 56 cm to 92 cm.  I made size 62 cm or for a 24 inch-ish baby.  Since they are so loose fitting, she will have plenty of growing room.  

Image result for images Ottobre 3/2013

These pants are super slouchy and full.  They literally hang low and that is how they are styled. There is so much diaper room that two little babies can hang out in one pair.

These take almost no time to make either and can be created with minimal yardage.  The drafting is clever as there is one center back seam, two inner leg seams, a waistband, and ribbing at the lower legs.

These would be such a great project for a beginning seamstress who has little people in her life she wants to sew for.

Did I mention that they are also darn cute?  I see more of these in Elaina's future!  BTW, it is tough to get a photo of an active baby!

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  1. How precious are these?! Baby girl will have so many fun pants to wear!