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Saturday, November 26, 2016

I made a cape! The Nell Cape

I've wanted a cape for like forever and I finally got this one completed!  I just love this pattern.

Fashionable cape with bound edges and inseam pockets

The pattern is described like this: The versatile cape has become a wardrobe staple.  Easy to wear over your jeans or a more tailored look for the office.  Great for cooler days the Nell cape is a must have.  Unlined with bound edges and seams gives this cape room for your creativity.  Whey not use a contrast or printed bind for an individual look?  If your prefer not to bind your cape you can use a lining and then turn it out.  

Just a note, this is a challenging sew for an experienced sewer.

I used a medium weight wool coating that was in my stash.  The floral lining is from Joann's and is a stretch chiffon.  It feels really nice against my skin.  

The binding is a Kona cotton.  I much prefer to make my own binding as it is such better quality and I can get an exact match to my main fabric.

I included the facings with this even though I choose to bind the edges.

For this cape to work, it needs to fit you at the shoulders and upper bodice.  The rest just sort of floats about your body.

See how pretty that chiffon looks as a lining?  I treated the lining and main fabric as one piece as I sewed this together.

All those bound edges were sewn by hand on the inside that is after I stitched them on by machine.  I love how polished it looks.  

If you want to wear this with bulky clothing underneath, I suggest you measure the armhole opening.  I am wearing a thermal long sleeved top and I have plenty of movement and room left over.  However, had I worn a heavy turtleneck, it may be a touch tight there.  

The most difficult part of this pattern is figuring out how to sandwich the sleeves between the front and back and also how to deal with what I call is the under-sleeve.  Don't over think it.  Follow the diagram and if you find the directions confusing, don't read them.    

Isn't that inverted pleat cute?  

I really love how this turned out.  

I added one hook and eye made for coats at the throat.  It doesn't shift around at all when I move.  

I love my finished cape!  

Here's a peek at the insides.

Here's a view of the falls in Sioux Falls.  I wish the photo captured how really pretty this place is, especially in the winter!  It was such a beautiful and unseasonably warm day we had to visit!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh this is really cute. The lining is so pretty and the binding looks great.

  2. Oh my. What a knockout cape. Your sewing and finishing are beautiful. Love the fabrics and how you managed them. Very very nice, Sue!

  3. That's a great looking cape, love the binding and lining. How does it perform when windy? We have a lot of windy weather here, and but for that I think I would try one.

  4. I love that cape! It looks very polished.

  5. You look great in your new cape! The fabric and binding work so well together. Your sewing skills really shine through.