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Sunday, November 6, 2016

A new home for a great cardigan!

DD2 was visiting this weekend with her two beautiful little boys.  Her hubby works ridiculous hours every other weekend, so they like to come and see us.  She also like to check out my closet and she found the beautiful sweater that I forgot to blog about!  

Image result for images Heidi cardi
Image from StyleArc.  

Everything about this cardi is just perfect--the length, the style, the way it is drafted and made.  
Oh, and in case you are wondering, this pattern is for the Heidi Cardi.

 Look how cozy this is!  Katy has her hands all the way in the pockets.  Those pockets are room and don't droop since they attach to the bottom of this garment using a band.  

Katy likes the length and the sleeve length as well.  This also has a hood and a wonderful facing that is optional, but I encourage you to keep it.  I lined the hood with the same fabric as the dress.

This cardi has a main body and sleeves and then is finished off with bands everywhere.  The only photo I didn't get was of the clean finish that is on the inside neckband.  

This was out attempt to show you that the facing from the hood extends to the front, creating this wonderful clean finish that I eluded to above.  


Here is a better view of the inside hood with the wild print!  So how you do this is put the right sides of the hood together at the neckband, stitch and then flip so that seam is enclosed.  So clever!  

This was my muslin and Katy needs a bit of an adjustment across the back shoulders--or that could also be from two sweater fabric sticking together.  I will have to investigate closer in order to figure that out!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So glad you posted this! I bought this pattern 3 years ago and haven't made it yet. You've inspired me. And your girl is so cute.

    The fabric - is it cotton lycra or similar?

  2. Super cardi, looks so cosy, I also have this pattern and haven't made it, the right fabric never came along then it gets forgotten.