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Monday, February 22, 2016

Yet another StyleArc Winner in White

I fell in love with this top the minute I saw it and now that I've created it, I love it even more!
Isn't it cute and fun?  Here is the drawing and description from StyleArc's site:

Asymmetrical hem over shirt with an on-trend back treatment

CRYSTAL OVER-SHIRT: Designer over shirt featuring the important back opening. Use the side loop and button to create a side seam drape. The half front opening and a small collar give this over shirt an individual look.

My dog, Lucy, really wanted my attention so I let her be in the pictures--at least a little bit.  

Look at the fun details--asymmetrical hem with a loop and button on just one side.  

I love the button up back.  I chose to make my faux with just the opening occurring below the last button.  I didn't want any wardrobe malfunctions.  Just a note, the pattern shows eight buttons marching down the back but the pattern piece only indicates seven.  I used seven as I thought the spacing was very nice.  

I love that this is over-sized but with nicely fitting shoulders.  Bonus!

The front doesn't have a pleat like the drawing shows, nor did the pattern pieces indicate a pleat.  

Just see the dramatic difference between the two sides.  How cool!

Here is a look at the button loop detail.  The pattern shows two button and loops and the pattern piece is marked for two, but the directions only refer to one loop and one button.  

I love the casual feel of this blouse/top, especially with leggings.  

I used a white sort of crinkly cotton from Hancock's that I paid less than $3 a yard.  It was one of those spot-the-bolt deals that you can find some pretty amazing deals in once in a while.

I wore this to work today and received so many compliments!!!  I really love this top and plan on making more.  I can totally see one made with extra large polka dotted fabric!!

Thanks for reading, I so appreciate your comments!


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  2. You are sewing up so many wonderful garments lately and this one looks great.

    1. Thank you Lori! I appreciate your kind words!

  3. Wow Sue. Looks great on you. I downloaded this pattern. After seeing yours, think I need to get my sewn.
    Love your blog and your sewing makes.

    1. Thank you so very much AC! I do appreciate you reading and commenting, it makes my day!

  4. Nice to see this one made up Sue. I love the buttons down the back. It's a shame that Style Arc's line drawings are not always accurate and can be misleading. I guess the excellent drafting and fit makes up for it though.