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Sunday, February 14, 2016

McCall's 6992--another one--are you surprised?

Have you made this uber cute sweatshirt yet?  If not, why?  There are so many super cute versions out there and the possibilities are just endless!

I made view C this time with REAL Leather trim on the upper sleeves.  It was a risk, but I just went for it and I like it!

The textured navy knit is from FM and I believe was described as a double knit.  It sewed up just beautifully!

I may have stretched out my front neckline just a bit, but I am going to wear it anyway. Or, I might add an exposed zip in the front and take out some of the excess fabric in that area.  

I don't have much to add to this project other than this time my fabric was so much heavier and everything behaved beautifully!

I can't wait to make view E with the lace or view A with the lace sleeves.  I think they would both be perfect for cool spring days!

Try this pattern, it is easy, fast to put together and there are so many options!

 When I stitched on the leather--it won't ravel so I cut it and stitched it on with a top-stitch using a leather needle.

At the shoulder and neckline, I treated all three layers as one and stitched using a triple stitch for knits in that area and all is well!  I did switch to a leather needle when I got to that section of the neckline.

Can you tell I love the color orange?  I have on an orange shirt to match my orange door!


  1. Looks like there are plenty of design options in this pattern Sue. No doubt you will be making many more of these. Lovely sweatshirt!

  2. That is a great sweatshirt and I love wearing a dressed up one like yours. This might help your neckline

    1. Thank you Lori--I appreciate the link to the fix! I will have to try that technique...I always appreciate tips from fellow sewers!