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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why I am a sometimes quilter

I love quilts.  I love the complexity of designs, the infinite color and pattern combinations and just the layers of beauty that quilting creates.  With that said, I don't quilt nearly as often as I should!  With an extensive fashion fabric stash and pattern collection, I devote 90% of my time to making my own garments.  not that I don't LOVE the beauty and longevity of quilts, I really do, but with a full-time job, grandchildren, family, church, etc., there is just NEVER enough time.  When I retire, I intend to make many more quilts!

Sorry this photo is a little blurry!  

My latest quilt is a Grandmother's Flower Garden design.  This is probably the most labor-intensive quilt I've ever made.  Each hexagon was hand cut and each took an incredible amount of precision--which I hoped I accomplished.  And each takes precise sewing with exact 1/4" seam allowances.  I am sure if you look at my entire quilt, there are a few indications that I didn't achieve  perfection in each seam allowance or each block I cut.  :)  Don't look too close!

What makes a quilt beautiful?  I think each layer of quilting adds a layer of beauty.  Selecting the fabrics is your first layer.  Pick fabrics you love as you'll spend a great deal of time with each of them.  If you are unsure what fabrics go together, pick a stack of fat quarters to star with.  That is probably the easiest way to pick coordinating colorways and coordinating pattern combinations.  And, that is what I did with this quilt.

I purchased my fabric on a road trip that I made across South Dakota, from Rapid City to my home of Sioux Falls.  The span of that distance is just over 400 miles and a stop about half-way is much appreciated.  Not only do you need a break to stretch your legs, but let's face it, if you can get some lovely fabric, you can think of the awesome quilts or garments you'll make when you make it home!

So, with this quilt top completed about six months ago but started at least three years ago (shame, shame, shame on me!) I finally decided that enough was enough and let's get this quilt done!  And if I must admit, I have at least three other quilt 'packages' I've purchased since I started this one.  I finally decided to put all the quilting fabrics and kits together in one container.  I pulled those out recently and the motivation to start another was just enough to get the gumption I needed to finish this ones.  I mean, grandson number 2 is due the end of April and before I start on his quilt, I decided this one MUST be finished.  Luckily I have a four-day weekend coming up so I can finish this beautiful quilt!

Do you quilt?  Are you like me and have the best of intentions when you start a quilt only to put it aside for a garment?  How do you persevere through a quilt that is tedious but will be gorgeous when you are finished?  Please share your experiences since I have so many in my stash ready, willing, and hoping to be created!


I can't wait to show you the finished quilt.  I think it is quite pretty!


  1. I do like to quilt, too. I have been going to a quilting night for the last 2 Mondays, I am amazed how much I am getting done. Plus it is so fun to be with the other quilters/sewers. Your grandmother's flower garden is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Lori! I need to find a quilting guild, I think that will be very inspirational

  2. I do both as well. My problem is once the top is started I push through until it's done, then I loose steam. The actual quilting is frustratingly time consuming and uneven. Rolling the monster up, then attempting to shove it through the barely big enough space while trying to free quilt...eeeecchhh! Break a lot of needles. When it's finally complete, I never notice the unprofessional quilting and love them to death. But, because of this, there are completed tops which may never make it to full quilt status. With clothing, I push through to the finish no matter what, so I can move on. After its done, it'll be worn a couple of times, then ends back to the sewing room where I kid myself into believing that the necessary changes will be made so I'll love it. Never happens. We are sort of insane, aren't we?

  3. What a lovely quilt! I kind of got burned out with quilting - I did way too many of them and just got tired of the process. I do.not.like free motion quilting! If I make a quilt now (I actually have one I am working on now - my niece is graduating from college), I will pay to have it quilted by an acquaintance with a long arm quilting machine. Life is too short! ;) I hope you enjoy the quilting process.