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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Paige Dress

Of course I made another StyleArc pattern, I just can't seem to get enough of them!

I've had my eye on this pattern for a while as I love the design lines and the details!  And as always, I am in awe of how well StyleArc pattern's are drafted.

             dolman sleeve dress or top with feature zips & design lines

From the pattern cover it is described like this: This fantastic dress or top with feature zips and design lines, is very comfortable and stylish.  It can be made with 7/8th dolman sleeve dress or top.  Add exposed zips or slice it up!  
This top can be made in a ponte, jacquard knit or a woven with some movement.

I first made this in a super-duper stretchy knit that was difficult to handle and found this dress WAY TO BIG!!!  Can I emphasize WAY?  Oh my gosh, I just swam in it!
I won't even show you my first attempt.  Although I should have just so you can see how very much I took this pattern in!

I love textured knits and I found this ivory at Hancocks and it was on sale!  I purchased a yard and a half and used every inch of it.
Had I decided to make this out of a single fabric, it would have become a top.

I really like this with the contrasting black fabric I used.  It is a super stretchy knit that has been in my stash.  A little more on fitting this dress--I took this in about six inches.  And, since I downloaded this pattern from Etsy, I went back and made sure this printed properly, which it did.  I took it in at the center front and back and along the shoulder seams.  I did not take it in under the arms as that is a tricky area to sew in the first place as you are sewing a convex and concave pieces together.  A note on that--I staystitched the dress portion of the seam and the most concave area, or just under the arm. After staystitching, I clipped the curve as it is indicated on the pattern piece.  After that, make sure you line up all the notches and such, it makes a huge difference in getting this dress properly.  You should also follow the direction to sew from the hemline to the sleeve opening.  

The other thing you may be noticing is that I added a neck band and also sleeve bands.  I find so many of my sewing decisions start with a pattern but find that fabric choice makes me change the original plans!  This fabric is far too weighty to simply fold to the inside and stitch in place.  I simply converted it to a neckband and added the sleeve bands as well.  
I decided to wear this with a belt to give it a little more waist definition.  It really doesn't have any and it isn't suppose to, so that is okay.

I did add the back neck exposed zipper and like the simple detailing it adds.  I didn't add the front pockets because I thought they would show through on my fabric and I simply didn't want that.

I've never really fit a dolman sleeved top before and you can see some of the deep wrinkles I have above the bust.  I will have to research how to adjust that area.

I really wanted to take my photos outside today but didn't and here is why:

Yes, it was negative 13 degrees below zero today when I went to church.  Brrr!  No way was I going outdoors to take a photo in this nastiness!

Thanks for reading and I do hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods!  


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