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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Comfy, cozy flannel

I love flannel!  Do you?  It is warm, soft, and comes in wonderful colors and patterns.  I found this plaid fabric when a local quilt shop decided to sell off all their fabric.  I wish I would have purchased more colors and patterns! It is truly lovely to work with.  And oh yes, this post is LATE!!!  Better late than never, right?

I couldn't decide what to make with it or what exactly I would do with it but knew I loved the gray and muted red together.

For inspiration, I turn to the web and a lot of times Pinterest.  Instead of a typical button up the front and collared shirt, I thought this tunic from StyleArc might be fun.  The pattern isn't designed for flannel but with the looser fit and blouson top, I thought it would work so I'll let you decide if the final execution was worth it or not.  I will say however that I wore it today and received many compliments!

Tunic Top featuring pockets & draw string

This tunic is called the Ginnie.  It has a front band, drawstring at the hip level, envelope pockets that are lower than the bust, roll sleeves and a shaped hemline.  I made just a few modifications.

As you can see, I cut the front band and pocket flaps on the bias to give it a little visual interest.  I interfaced the areas that called for interfacing as suggested by the pattern.  For StyleArc, the directions were actually pretty good!  The only head-scratching moment I had was in regards to the envelope pockets.

This is the first time I've ever made them and while they aren't complicated, I was confused!  If you look at the diagram of the pocket and think about it, they go together fairly easily.  Don't be like me and over think it.

I lengthened the sleeves so they are full-length and also the hemline so it covers my backside more thoroughly.  There is nothing worse that tugging on a top that is too short.  I didn't initially add the sleeve tabs but might now that I have worn it.

I will make this tunic again in a lighterweight fabric that is more flowy as that is how it was designed. I love breaking the sewing rules now and then, don't you?

Thanks for reading, I love this top and felt warm, cozy, and if it is okay to say, confident in my new top.  As you can see, I included some 'action' shots of my favorite little buddy (my grandson Simon). He was 'helping' me decorate the Christmas tree!  

Sue :)


  1. I love flannel too. Great shirt! Love it!

  2. I love flannel - your shirt looks great.

  3. Looks very comfortable for the holidays! Plaid flannel looks nice love the colors.