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Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring and sprung Burda 6912 top!

Are you sick of your winter clothes like I am?  Not that I don't love my clothes, but sometimes you need a change whether it is a new color, texture, style, or all of these!

I found myself needing some new shapes and textures in my life.  On a recent trip to Louisiana to visit DD1, we HAD to find a fabric store...that is a real, live fabric store, not a JoAnn's or Hancocks and we did!  I found two patterns I really liked and so of course I purchased them!

Burda and I have struggled in our relationship.  There have been a few Burda's that have been good for me but I'm not sure why I don't like the finished garments.  It could be the style is for someone much younger and hipper than I am or it could be a lifestyle thing however, when I came across View B of Burda 6912 I thought it was a match.  I love the simple lines and the cool looking shape and peplum.

So, back to my stash I went and found a floral print Swiss dotted Voile I purchased from Fabric Mart. It is a nice quality fabric with great texture, thanks to the dotted Swiss.  I like the lightness of it and thought it would be a great candidate for this top.

The description is simply a semi-fitted blouse and dress.  As you can see, it can be sleeveless or three-quarter sleeves or a dress.  You need less than 2 yards of fabric for the top with sleeves.

All sizes are in one envelope.  I made a size 14 or 40 and am happy with the fit.  

Instructions are minimal but more than adequate for this easy pattern.  There are adequate visuals as well.  This top/dress would be great for beginners as there really isn't anything difficult nor is the fitting tricky.  I made an FBA at the dart by expanding the pattern tissue and lowering the apex by about 1/2".  

Sorry about the back wrinkles, I wore this to work today and should have taken it off and ironed it before taking photos, but it was a long day and well, I really don't like ironing all that much!  

I still have some drag lines at the bust so if I do decide to make this again, I will need to adjust the bust again.

I'm not entirely sure about the proportions of this top.  I feel like the peplum needs to be lengthened or higher up on my waist or something.  

I really didn't feel like making eight button holes, so I used my Kam snap pliers and Got Lux snaps in spring green to create closures on the front.  I like the green and it adds some color and makes the green in the fabric stand out a bit more.  Besides, green is a favorite color of mine! 

See how nice and neat the inside is finished?  I simply serged the edges of the facing at the neck and front edges, turned, pressed, edge stitched to prevent the facings from flipping to the right side, turned, and topstitched with two evenly spaced rows the first being 1.5" from the edge and the second just slightly inside that or closer to the edge of the garment.  I was a little concerned about show through to the right side of the fabric, but for some reason it works with this top--or am I delusional?

I am trying to decide if I like or will be willing to tackle more Burdas but first I need some honest opinions.  What do I do about the proportions?  Is this top okay and just something different than I am used to?  Should the peplum be lengthened?  Shortened?  Help!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. That is a very pretty top. Only after you mentioned the proportions did I go back and look and yes the proportions are a little off. If you look at the model her peplum has the appearance of being slightly bigger (or is it my imagination?). Why don't you try pinning it up so the peplum is higher or basting a strip of fabric to make it longer and see what looks best. I do love the top. Very feminine and fresh looking.

    1. I like both those ideas BeaJay! Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it!

  2. Nice top and I love the fabric. On the model, the waistline is clearly white a bit below the natural waist and the length of the peplum appears to be longer. I agree with Beajay. I think you might like the peplum longer - but do check. I also wonder about having the waistline higher. You could check that too.

  3. Sue,
    The top is cute, but I can see how you would be frustrated by the difference in the pattern pics and how yours looks. I don't think its the right proportions on you...IMHO. Instead of raising the waist, I think it should be lowered to elongate the midrif - and it should be more curved to follow your body more.
    Try basting some curves in the top and see if that might change the look. I think the pattern works in the dress because the longer skirt weights down the gathers/pleats. These models are very tall and veeerrrry thin - so everything works on them!!
    As far as Burda patterns, they are some of my TNT patterns. Their pants have a perfect crotch curve for me, and the armscythe/ sleeve is so much better than most of the "Big 4".
    I alwys love reading your reviews! My question is how do you get so much sewing done with a full time job???

    1. Thanks for the advice Mary, I will try lowering this and also adding some length to the peplum. I do think pleats may be the way to go.
      I need to be more open minded when trying the Burda's. There are so many cute ones and I really like how they look!
      As far as how much sewing I get done, I don't sit still well...never have and so I spend an hour or two sewing one or two evenings a week. My husband and I tag team the household chores and all my babies are grown up!

  4. You always pick the cutest patterns! I'm no help on the proportions, I stay away from peplums precisely because I don't get the "right" way to balance them.

    1. Haha Beth! That proportion thing is so hard!!! Thanks for the kind words!

  5. This is the cutest fabric and it gives me flashbacks from my youth. Your top is so cute.

    1. Thanks Dorothy! I love the fabric too!

  6. Love your top.. and your choice of fabric is wonderful.