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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ann T-Top, another StyleArc Winner!

Oh, I have another favorite TNT!  This is the Ann T-top.  It is described as a t-shirt that hides a multitude of sins with side-rouching make it with long or short sleeves.

Latest style tee with side seam rouching

As you can tell, my sleeves are neither long nor short, I made this top with recycled fabric from a top I didn't like the style of but loved the fabric so I took the entire thing apart and these are the sleeves from the original and I left them as is.

This is a pattern that any beginner can tackle this with great success!  It is extremely well drafted and I made a straight size 12 with no alterations and I am very happy with the fit.

This pattern calls for negative ease but I honestly didn't want it that tight.  I am thinking I could have sized down if I wanted to but overall I like this.

As with any StyleArc pattern the instructions are minimal but if you have an idea of how to put together a T-shirt, you won't even have to read the instructions.

I did just to determine how to complete the rouching.   But after I tried the rouching with the elastic I decided to forgo that step and gather the fabric.  This worked out really well!

I really like to have my gathers nice and even and this way was a winner!

Another deviation from the instructions is when I added bands to the lower hem and the sleeves.  I had just a little bit of fabric left and since I love it so much I decided to use it for that application.

See how neat and tidy the neckline looks?

I love my top and I can see making many more of these!

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  1. I love this and am glad I bought this pattern!

    Question: does gathering vs using elastic affect the stretch of the fabric? I've always wondered that as it does seem easier t get good gathers vs being "absolutely sure" you're stretching your elastic at the same rate on both sides.

    1. I am glad you love it and this is such a great pattern, you'll love it!
      You know, I tested the stretch of the fabric with the gathers and it was fine...no issues. I am not sure why StyleArc uses elastic. And, I am with you, I just couldn't get the gathers to match using the elastic. :)

  2. Lovely top and love your fabric. I made this pattern and used gathering instead of elastic too. Thought that was complicating the otherwise great and easy pattern of which I especially like the neckline.

  3. Very pretty top Sue. I have made this top before and used elastic to do the gathering. This was really fiddly and the result wasn't too great. I think I will try gathering the regular way next time for a better result. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Thank you Jean! I am all about figuring out the easiest and best way to see and the elastic just wasn't working. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  4. I love your new tee.. The fabric is fantastic too.. Happy sewing.