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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blue Ginger Doll Winifred dress disaster

So, I ordered a few kits from Craftsy and was excited to try them as there were a few pattern designers I hadn't come across before and in my attempt to expand my sewing knowledge, it was just necessary to purchase.  Right?

So, here comes the Winifred dress from Blue Ginger Doll.   In theory, it is a cute design that looks comfortable, especially for a hot summer day.  Here is a photo from their website:

Winifred dress

Here is a description from the website: 
The Winifred dress is the perfect everyday dress. Easy to sew and comfortable to wear this dress is designed for the beginner sewer. Featuring front tuck darts that are designed to flatter the waistline as well as create a lovely flowing skirt. An elastic waistline on the back of the dress hug the curves as well eliminating the need for any closures, making it easy to just throw on the dress and get on with your day. Finishing off the Winifred dress is a cute belt design feature on the back of the dress.
View A - Features short kimono sleeves
View B- Features longer 3/4 sleeves.
Perfect for a range of fabrics and seasons, The Winifred dress will become your go to dress!
Multi-Size:  4-24.  Bluegingerdoll patterns are designed on a D cup.

D cup?  No way...there is no way this dress will fit a D cup, or even a B cup for that matter.  Trust me...

So here is what I didn't look closely enough at--look at the fold just above the bust....a serious sign this could be ill-fitting in that area.  It also looks rather close-fitting (ok, tight, and perhaps uncomfortably so).

I have to say I can't for the life of me remember what size I cut when the kit arrived.  There was no suggestion for interfacing the neckline area and the cotton included with the kit was okay, not super high quality but not fall apart cheap either but being the over achiever that I am, I interfaced.

With zero closures included, in theory this is supposed to just pops over your head and off you go!  But this thing isn't easy to get on or off.  I love the idea of throwing a dress on and pulling it over my head, but this has very little clearance.  Neither DD1 or myself have an overly large head and it was a struggle!  I even let out the seam as much as I could so there was even an inch more than I started with but it didn't really help!

There is elastic at the back waist seam that allows for some shaping and two darts at the waistline that are a vertical triangle but open at the bottom--as if that makes any sort of sense at all!  But I took those darts out immediately as I felt the need to breathe.

This did not fit me at all, so I was hoping DD1 would like it and it'd fit her.  She is modeling it and decided she HATED it until she saw the pictures.  I didn't finish the dress which you can see how the hems on the sleeves and lower edge of the dress haven't even been attempted yet.  I also took out the darts thinking we could  fit it to her.  She doesn't want the darts and she may not want the dress either. Jury is still out, so it will go in her to maybe finish someday pile.

Honestly, don't waste your money on this pattern.  I normally don't say that if I don't make a muslin first, but this pattern seems poorly executed and fitting would be an absolute nightmare unless you are more of an athletic build so you wouldn't need much shaping.

That's all I've got for this pattern.  Sigh.  You win some, you loose some and this is a looser!



  1. I've been curious to try a few of those Craftsy kits myself. Thankfully, not this one. :P It does look cute on your daughter, but un-comfy is no bueno. Sorry this one didn't work out-- but thank you for the review!

    1. Oh you are welcome on the review! It just isn't that great of a pattern.

  2. I am glad you jumped in and tried this. It saves me from trying. I have love and dislike (hate) was just too strong to describe some of my relationships with Indie Patterns. There are good ones and bad; for that matter the same with the Big Four.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Agreed Linda! There are good and downright bad with both big 4 and Indies. The issue is how to weed them out and reading other's triumphs and disasters is the best way to find out!

  3. Sorry to hear that this one really didn't work out for you. Thanks for sharing your experience though...it's very helpful.

    1. I'm sorry too Jean. I like the overall style and no closure part of this dress....that is until I tried it!

  4. Thank you for your review. I have one of their patterns and was pleased to see drafted for D cup (in fact probably why I bought it) - but I won't believe that now!

    1. On no, don't believe that it is for a D cup. DD1 said she felt like the girls were being mashed into her chest and she is about a Bplus cup--less than a C for sure. There is no way this will fit a D...no way!

  5. Thanks so much for this honest and thoughtful review. The trend among most sewing blogs seems to be bashing the big 4 and heaping praise on any indie sewing pattern no matter how mediocre. When I'm reading reviews and considering whether or not to make a purchase, it doesn't help much when every blogger says "it's awesome!" even when the finished product looks blah and there were issues putting things together. Interestingly enough, your non-glowing review is what has given me the extra incentive to hit the "buy" button on this, as the issues you mention aren't really a factor for me and I think DD1 looks great in the dress! :>).

  6. I just bought this kit and it arrived today. Blue Gingerdoll has been on my wish list (to verify if it is drafter for a D cup, as per another blogger) so like you, I wanted to branch out. I really should have googled more reviews on this dress. Right out of the envelope, I'm not keen on the lack of set-in sleeves. I'll muslin this first, before I cut into the Craftsy provided fabric.

    I also think that the dress looks nice on your DD1!

  7. Where are your front darts? They really make a big difference with this dress.

  8. I also posted this on Patternreview.com.

    Sue Parrott, shame on you for your careless review. Given your standing here on this forum, people look to you for advice and help. How can that advice be trusted when you slam a pattern, and you did not even know what size you cut? It reads as if you realize you did a poor job of prep work and won't admit to it.

    Shouldn't those who position themselves as pattern reviewers carefully read everything on the package before they start their review, and point out to others what some of the issues may be? That's certainly what I see in sewing magazines that have reputations to maintain. The problem with the fit was so incredibly obvious: The finished garment measurements (which are clearly given on the envelope) are the same as the size measurements. Therefore, there is 0% ease. Very easily fixed and communicated--either add ease or cut a size or two up, or make with four-way stretch.

    That the pattern has serious flaws, that much is totally clear. But just think how you could have used your skills and knowledge to help others understand the challenges of working with independent pattern companies--instead you trashed the pattern--and the pattern company--without really giving it a chance. The company is out of business now, so nothing to be done with this, but I would hope you would take better care with providing a balanced review next time. Poorly done. Not helpful.

    1. Wow, I admire your honesty with your feedback. I will consider your comments in the future. I am sorry the company is out of business but I seriously doubt it is due to my one review.