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Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's Holiday Sparkle Time!

Oh the holidays--they sneak up, you have some events to attend, you need some sparkle, what's a girl to do?
Well...you find a pattern and fabric, that's what you do!

So, along comes Vogue 8950 a simple tunic with tons of style and color blocking options!  How adorable is the version above?  I thought about color blocking but the word sparkle kept popping into my head so...
I found a lovely fabric at-hold onto your shorts here-Joann.  I know, I know, Joann and I don't speak much these days and Hancock didn't have what I was hoping for so along came this lovely sparkly fabric that was so soft and had just enough heft to it that I decided to go for it.  And, you know what?  I wasn't disappointed!  That doesn't mean I am going to be a regular-except for patterns, thread, zippers, etc.  It just means that if I do find a fabric that looks and feels awesome, I will at least consider using it.  :)
It's pretty, right?  I think so!

Ok, so where was I?  Back to the tunic....
I chose the Very Easy Vogue pattern which is described as semi-fitted.  I think it is a little roomier than that, but that's okay.  I made view C which is longer and a solid or no color blocking.  This pattern does call for a fabric with quite a bit of stretch, no?   

I made only a few tweaks to this pattern.  I made a straight 14 based on my high bust measurements.  Even though it is semi-fitted, I still feel like it is roomy and for next time, I'll make at least one size smaller.  I took in the shoulder seam at the neckline a good inch as it seemed to hang on me and I make my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment.  Since I don't like folding over the neckline and stitching in place, I added a narrow band and topstitched it on the right side.  In fact, I topstitched all the seams on the right side just to keep the seam in place.  Sorry about this picture being upside down!

I did sew the sleeves into the armhole instead of flat which was incredibly easy and no, I didn't need to ease stitch.  I just pinned the crap out of the sleeve cap and it worked beautifully.    

Alright, enough!  Here it is on me and I am ready for the party with some dear friends!
I wore this with some striped leggings which are tone on tone and I love my black boots.  I have worn the crap out of them but they still have quite a bit of life in them.

See, no FBA needed with this top!
I do however recommend a muslin which I did make.  That is where I discovered the need to take in the shoulders at the neckline.

The sleeves were a little long and I just took them up a bit at the hemline.  Length is great for a tunic as I don't want any wardrobe mishaps!

Other reviewers have mentioned there are not finished measurements on the pattern tissue or envelope but that isn't such a big deal to me, especially since I am a recent convert to making a muslin.

I do like to stabilize the shoulders with clear elastic and did so.


I think I am ready for the holidays, how about you?  I think I have a new TNT...more versions to come before I decide for sure!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think we must have the same taste! I've made this pattern once and loved it, but I tried putting the sleeves in flat and had a lot of issues with ease. Perhaps I should set them in according to the directions. That problem alone has prevented me from making this a second time, even though I'd love to do so. I also used a band at the neckline and was pleased with the result. Yay for sparkly fun!

    1. Thanks Beth! Yes, for some reason this pattern seems to call for set in sleeves. I don't think you'd get the same *tailored* look as you would with the sewn in flat sleeves.

  2. Gorgeous! It's a perfect amount of sparkle! I like the fit of this very much and the length is absolutely spot-on.

    1. Well thank you Nakisha! You are always so nice! 😄

  3. This is lovely. The fabric, style and length are great. Too much inspiration for me too close to Christmas, though!! Maybe next time. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you Anne! If you do have some time, this only took about 2.5 hours! Merry Christmas to you!

  4. I love this, Sue! Looks beautiful on you. And what a plus, no FBA!

    1. Thank you Coco! I know no fba and no pulling or drag lines! Bonus!

  5. Not sure, but I don't think my last post/comment was taken, so, here we go, again!
    Love the tunic, right amount of sparkle and the fit and length are perfect! TFS, Annette from PR.com

    1. Thank you Annette! I appreciate your kind words!