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Sunday, November 2, 2014

TGFP! My Plaid Archer Tunic

TGFP?  Thank God For Pinterest of course!  Where else can you get such fabulous inspiration for new custom garments?

                                   Long plaid boyfriend shirt, leggings, knee socks and boots. Nice Fall weekend outfit.55+ Fall Outfit Ideas, super cute clothing inspiration for fall!... Black boots, red/grey top, skinnies.ISSUU - ShopRedDress.com Christmas Look Book 2013 by The Red Dress Boutique
                                                             Piace Boutique - Small Town Plaid Top $26.99Ralph Lauren Blue Label Plaid Wool Cashmere Maxidress

These are all gorgeous!  I love them all and need some warm pieces for fall/winter which is rapidly approaching.  So...

I purchased this beautiful fabric from Marcy Tilton.  After snooping on pinterest, I had to have a plaid and really wanted a wool or wool/blend and this fit the bill!  Isn't it freaking gorgeous?  Wool has to be one of my favorite fibers to work with.  It practically begs you to manipulate it into any shape you'd like with a hot iron and says thank you--thank you very much.

For my pattern, I pulled out the uber popular Grainline Archer.  I know, I've already made it three times that you can see below, but I figured of all the shirt patterns I have, I like it best.  The fit is fab, the details are perfect so it was the winner for my project.


And, here is a pic of the pattern from Grainline Studios site.


So, for this tunic, I had to lengthen the top by 6.5 inches on the front and back.  Since this is a wool blend, I knew it would get a little scratchy around the neckline so I used a printed cotton left over from another top on the yoke facing and on the inside collar stand.  It gives my skin the little bit of relief I need from the wool.  Mind you, the wool is soft. but after a long day, sometimes wool gets a little itchy, especially around the neck.  I hope to eliminate that problem with the cotton and to give a cute contrast to the fabric.

I kept all the details the same as the pattern is written.  The sleeve length is the same, the neckline, collar, etc.  I cut a size 12 based on my FBA and wanted a looser fitting garment for a tunic.  I also copied the bias cut pockets along with the button band.  I didn't cut the cuffs on the bias, but easily could have and  possibly should have!

So what else can I tell you about the Archer?  It is well drafted, is just the right amount of loose-fitting, has great details, and I love the fit!  The directions are well written and the diagrams all make sense.  I only have two minor gripes that I could easily figure out how to fix.  Can I? Yep.  Have I? Well, one yes, the other--nope!

I think the neckline needs stay-stitched before the collar and stand is stitched on which is super easy to fix and yes, I did that one!  If you have ever had a neckline stretch out and try to make it work, you know EXACTLY what I mean.  It is difficult!

Secondly, I would like both button bands to be separate pieces.  As the pattern is written, only the right is a separate piece and the left is cut on and turned twice.  If I remember, next time I will make this easy modification.

I finished this after the sun went down so I couldn't get any outdoor pictures.  I keep trying to find a good place inside my home to get some picture without shadows, darker walls, etc but am still struggling.  I'll keep trying.  This is just inside my sewing room and while I cleaned it up a bit, DH commented that he thinks it is a disaster.

 I love my tunic and can't wait to wear it.  I love it with my denim leggings, brown belt and boots.  Lengthening this by 6.5" made this perfect for covering everything I like covered when wearing leggings!

Thanks for reading!
What Pinterest items have inspired you?


  1. I really like this! I have a purple and black plaid and I kept thinking 'tunic' for that one. You've definitely inspired me!

    1. Well thank you! I love tunics! This one is a great pattern for a lengthening into a tunic.

  2. Love this! IT looks like an expensive designer garment...
    I just ordered the Archer pattern and some fabric. It's more complicated than what I usually sew - glad Jen has a step by step sewalong! :-)

    1. Thank you so much SewTypical! I hope you love the Archer--it's one of my favs!