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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt!

From the Sewaholic site: 
Especially for beginners, this is the perfect flared skirt! A wardrobe essential, the Hollyburn Skirt has just the right amount of flare. It sits right at the waist for maximum figure flattery, and features super practical pockets!
Based on the popular Lonsdale Dress pattern, this skirt pattern includes three different lengths with three different amounts of flare. The shorter the skirt, the more flared the silhouette!
Additional details add emphasis to the waistline, with optional button tabs to feature pretty buttons, or belt loops to show off your favourite belts.
Pattern includes extra-thorough sewing instructions and detailed sewing diagrams. Perfect for your first garment project!
Easy to wear, simple to sew!
Sizing is proportioned for a pear-shaped figure: smaller waist, larger hips.

I am loving Sewaholic patterns and this is one I obtained from my Fabric Mart gift card that I won during the Fabricista Challenge.  Is this adorable or what?  I've had this fabric I purchased from JoAnn's for quite a while and I couldn't decide what to do with it.  So, I unfolded it and realized it HAD A FLIPPING LIGHTER LINE RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE FABRIC!  Can I get an ARGH?  I was seriously irritated as I really didn't feel very well and probably shouldn't have been sewing but sometimes you need to sew to feel better (at least that is what I told myself).  So, I cut, sewed and worked hard to cover up the lines down the fabric.  Next time, if I do buy from that p-l-a-c-e again, I am going to lay out the fabric and examine the fold line before I purchase.    I just really liked the print.  It has so many of my favorite colors in it.  

I wanted to match up the pattern down the center front and back of the skirt so that required me to cut the fabric off-grain, with the grainline at about a 30° angle.  It lays fine and all, and damn, I matched that up fabric pattern great, didn't I?  Just for fun and which you unfortunately can't see very well, I topstitched the front seam line about 3/8" from the edge.  I also decided to make a narrow hem of about 1/4" that I turned twice and stitched.  I used Steam-a-seam for this little project and wow do I love that stuff!  So easy to use and such awesome results!  

Since I am not pear-shaped, I cut a 10 in the hips and a 12 in the waist.  That is smaller than what I typically cut in the big four patterns which is a 14.  I really like the fit.  I made view B's length with the belt loops of A.  And who doesn't love pockets that aren't side-seam so they don't add bulk to the hips?  

The fabric has a bit of a stretch so it should be comfortable to wear and wow do I love my red tights with this!  I just wish I had some knee high red boots!  

This pattern is well designed and any beginner could pick up the directions and if you sew carefully could get a great result!  
Thanks for reading!
Sue :)  Have you had any disappointing fabric purchases lately?


  1. It's fantastic. I love that print especially!

    I have rarely had luck buying fabric from JA so I quit trying.

    I had my most recent pretty orinted jersey feel like a cheap wool blanket ;) luckily it was only a few bucks a yard and I only had 1.5 yards.

    1. Thank you! I just need to stop myself from going into JA! 1.5 yards--not too bad! I had 2.5 of this paisley. Glad I don't remember what I paid!

  2. This is a lovely skirt Sue. I wondered how it would look on a figure that wasn't a pear shape. And it looks fabulous on you. Great fabric choice and it looks fantastic teamed with red.

    1. Thanks Jean Margaret! I appreciate your kind words! I hope you try this great pattern!