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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Burda Scarf Tunic

I'd made this lovely tunic several weeks ago but then arrived this little one and even though I am just grandma (for the first time) he is consuming all my thoughts and sewing time right now. Which is more than okay with me!  I just finished the super cute grommeted draperies for his bedroom and am going to go help momma put them up today. 
Next, I really have to finish his quilt.  It has been a work in progress since March.  When you see the finished product, you'll know why!

So here is my review for the Burda Scarf Tunic.  
Pattern Description from Burda Sewing Magazine:
Of course you are the fairest of them all, especially when you are wearing this top.  You will be surprised how easy it is to sew.  An unusual touch, the collar ties in the back and draws attention to a beautiful nape.

Sizing: All sizes from 36 to 44 are included with this pattern.  I made a 40 and feel it fits like I wanted it to for a tunic.

Fabric used: I had this crepe de chine type fabric for a while.  I think I purchased it at JoAnns this past spring.  I really love the colors in it.  I had been reading quite a few reviews about using this silky fabric and liked a fellow PR's strategy of running through the wash several times on hot water to remove some of the shine and give it a different hand.

Did it look like the finished drawing? Yes, it does however you'll notice that in the side view the back keeps slipping down.  It is due to the weight of the tie in back.  If I make this again, I will wear it a while before hemming it and cut it so the front is longer than the back and I won't have to tug it down so the hemline is even. 

How were the directions?  Actually they were really good and complete with visuals.  This pattern was part of a sewing lesson for beginners.  There is a two-page spread devoted to this top!  There are only three pieces to this top and it goes together quickly. 

Just my usual 1/2" sway back adjustment.  I lengthened it about 2 inches so I felt comfortable wearing leggings and not worrying about anything showing that should stay under raps.  :) 

A fun tunic and the back tie is just so girly and pretty!   


  1. Very stylish top and pretty fabric. Cute Grandson too. Enjoy this special time. They grow up so fast.

  2. What a great looking top - the tie at the back is an nice little feature! Off to have a peek around your blog...J