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Monday, October 8, 2012

Vogue 8151

I took a short hiatus from all the Tilton patterns I have been sewing and settled on this top by Sandra Betzina.  Here is a photo from the pattern envelope:

I made the view shown above, or view A, the wrap top.
Sandra's patterns are based on sizes for mature women (bigger than average patterns in the waistline).  Her sizes are also letters of the alphabet ranging from A to J.  I made a size D but took it in considerably in the waist area.  I probably could have taken it in more, but for now, I am happy with the fit. 

The description from the envelope is this: Pullover tops with set-in sleeves, A: wrapped front, band, shirred sides and long sleeves.  B: top with three-quarter sleeves and optional tie front. 

This pattern envelope boasts the following qualities: Can be made in less than two hours
Bust darts for a great fit
Figure flattering style with set-in sleeves
Instructions written by Sandra Betzina

I used a wonderfully soft knit from JoAnns.  It has some spandex in it and was so soft and fun to work with.  I was very attracted to the print which is pretty abstract yet in my favorite color combination of black and white. 

Directions: The directions for this top are easy to understand, are well-written, and just simple to sew.  I have to say, I love the shaping of the front band that extends down both sides of the front of the top.  The darts do add shaping and if you are fuller chested, like me, any fitting in a knit top is appreciated.  It is low cut, but not too revealing.  For work, I plan on wearing a cami underneath. 

What do I recommend to others?  Go through the process of fitting the top by pinning one-inch seam starting under the arms and pinning through to the hip area.  When I did this, not only did I find I needed to stitch more than the one-inch seam allowance, but found it beneficial to stitch another 5/8 inch seam starting at the underarm and finishing at the hip. 

I did make a silly mistake when I cut out the top and accidentally cut out the front for A and then realized that what I thought was back A, was actually front B.  Luckily all I had to do was take a small wedge of fabric and splice it to the mistakenly cut back to make it fit correctly.  I was going to try and cut a new neckband but I didn't have enough fabric.  So, I made do and now it looks like a design element. 

I highly recommend this pattern to others.  It can be made in a variety of fabrics in great color combinations if you'd like to have different colored sleeves. 

Thanks for reading!

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