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Friday, June 15, 2012

My sewing room!

My favorite--my sewing room!  Here is what we did to make it a space I want to spend time in. 
The cabinetry is recycled from a kitchen remodel.  For the large cutting surface, I used two lower cabinets, put them back to back and my husband cut an inch think piece of plywood on top.  I covered the plywood with batting and a piece of upholstery cloth I found as a remnant. 
The lighting is new, along with the two desks.  The desk on the left I purchased new, and the desk on the right was found at a second hand shop by my husband.  I found the fun pictures at Hobby Lobby and purchased them when they were 1/2 price. 
My husband also made the large design wall.  It is four feet by eight feet.  He put it on a piano hinge so it can be folded flat against the wall when not it use. 

My daughters helped paint the room along with the Fleur De Li's on the wall. 

I had new flooring put in the room that I just love.  Prior to the vinyl, there was nasty Berber carpet that had outlived its useful life.  I came up with this storage solution when I found my stash multiplying by astronomical proportions.  Now I can shop in my closet! 
I love my sewing room! 


  1. I love your sewing room! It is bright and well organized especially the fabric closet! I would come sew there with you anytime ~ well if you invited me that is!