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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Anne Klein Dress

This dress is still a work in progress. I really love this this Anne Klein pattern for a misses dress. You can see the link here:
  Here is how the pattern is described: Lined, close-fitting dress has darted bodice, extending ends, crossing in front and forming a keyhole opening and double collar. Saddle stitch embellished darts.

Here is a link to the pattern envelope: Anne Klein Dress

I used a rayon blended denim for this dress in a blackish-blue. I purchased the fabric at either Hancocks or JoAnns–I can’t remember which one! For the lining, I used a blue polkadot fabric for the lining. This pattern is rated as Average and I found it was rated appropriately for the skills, marking, and fitting required.

So, what did I like/dislike?
I love the style! It is just a cool and classic style. The empire waist is great and gives you a very fitted look. The double collar is pretty cool as well and requires careful marking. I do think it was tricky to fit even though my measurements are pretty spot on for a size. I do have an erect back and that gives me fitting issues at the back waist. I did adjust the seams, especially on my muslin and it fit well.
What didn’t I like? This may not be fair, but with Vogue patterns you don’t always get all the details needed to finish off seam allowances, raw edges, etc. The double collar construction and keyhole opening were tricky but after a few trials and errors, I got a pretty good finish.

What did I change? I simply could not get the sleeves to fit without some gaping and excess fabric at the back and front. Although if you look at the pattern envelope, you can see there is some excess there as well. So, I did the next best thing and took the sleeves off and used a facing to finish the area off. I like the sleeveless version and think it is better than the original!

What still needs done? Fiddling with the keyhole opening a little more and I need to do some additional fitting at the back waistline. Suggestions are welcome!

All in all, I like the dress and will wear it this summer–as long as I get it to fit better!

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