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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Another summer dress--Jalie Nikita

Hi all,
Summer has arrived in full fury and I decided to sew some clothing for the HOT weather.  The pattern I used is the Nikita Workout Tank and Dress.  I made the dress.  Here's an image of the pattern.  

Jalie 3902 - NIKITA - Pattern Cover

I love the swing style, the racerback and the side seams that end at the front of the dress.  

Here's my make: 

This is made entirely of remnants from other projects.  I consider that to be a free project.  Right?  

This dress is so perfect in hot weather.  It was a high of 96 today with a 'feels like' temp of 112 at its highest.  

I used three fabrics from Stof.  These knits are so amazing.  They sew like a dream.  

I do like the back.  It covers what you need to for a racer-back bra.  It doesn't cover it all, but enough.  

Here is a closer-up of the front.  The bands are very narrow.  I typically like my bands a bit wider.  When I made another version, I will widen these by about a 1/2".  For Jalie patterns, use your full-bust measurement.  It works.

Here's a bit closer of the back.  You can see how the front panel starts at the back.

I can't wait to try the workout top!
Thanks for reading!

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