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Sunday, June 16, 2019

A little summer sewing...StyleArc Ariel Skirt and Harmony Woven Top

If you've seen my reviews before, you know I am a SA mega fan!  I simply love their patterns.  I was so excited to try this wrap skirt called the Ariel.  Here it is: 

Ariel Wrap Skirt Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Flounce detail skirt sewing pattern.

This goes together fast and is so well drafted.  Normally, I shy away from wrap skirts since they tend to be difficult to keep the goods under wrap when walking, but not with this pattern.  This one stays put!  

For my top, I created another Harmony Woven Top, again by StyleArc.  

Harmony Woven Top Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Flounce sleeve loose fitting top sewing pattern.

I am so into flounces these days.  I can hardly believe it but I find them so feminine and cute.  Plus, they are fun to wear.  

Here's my rendition: 

We had a huge rainstorm over night and lots of fog this morning.  Enough of the weather, back to the outfit!

The only deviation for me was to make just one flounce on the top.  I like the double, but since I've already made one of these, and I am working on another, three of the exact same top is a bit much.

For the top, my fit adjustments were to lengthen from the shoulder to the apex, the bust curve, and the back between the shoulder blades and waistline.
For the skirt, I made zero adjustments. 

This fabric!  I purchased it on a recent trip to Baton Rouge to see my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.  I arrived back home three days ago and whipped this out fairly fast!

This skirt is so comfortable.  It has an elastic waistline for the majority of it with a flat front where the wrap meets.  Plus, check out the flounce!

Close up time!  This is the sleeve.  I love making narrow hems.  I stitch 1/4" from the edge, turn and press, and press again.  It gives me a very precise edge.

Here's the inside of the skirt flounce.  You can see what I mean with the precision.  

The flounce is also edge-stitched or top-stitched in place.  I love that added detail.

Like I mentioned before, I have this top cut out and have begun putting it together for a third.  I just really love it.  I am sure I will make the skirt again as well.  I'd love to have it in a solid.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is lovely. Very nice style for you. And that fabric is perfect for that sewing pattern. Looks like �� a winner to me. I hope you wear it often and enjoy the fruits of your kabor. Great job...����

  2. I like the top and skirt together. I may have to try this skirt. I am short so I would have to make adjustments for that. Lovely fabric!

    1. Thanks Linda! I hope you'll try the pattern!

  3. I LOVE them both!!! I had a couple pieces of fabric that I was looking at for "2-piece dress/jumpsuit"! I have a wrap dress with a flounce like this and sometimes I wish I could remove the bodice. I am totally going to copy you a bit :-p

    1. Please do copy me! I consider that to be such a compliment!

  4. This is so pretty and flattering on you. I love the fabric, the flounces, all of it.