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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Unselfish sewing--winter is coming!

I really have been sewing, I know I haven't been blogging as much as I should but my sewing machine isn't getting too dusty!  

With winter fast approaching, I knew my grandsons needed some winter coats.  I chose this pattern from Jalie.  It's been around for a while, but it's a goodie!  


Would you look at how warm and cozy that looks?  

I made this for my oldest grandchild, Simon.  He is just five and getting him to model took some bribery with a piece of Halloween candy.  I have no shame using bribery to get a little kid to smile and cooperate for a photo shoot.  How about you?

Notable differences--my batting wasn't as heavy as what is shown on the pattern.  I had a thinner batting in my hand and thought with a smaller piece, it would be easier to wrangle.  This has plenty of layers--four total (2 of heavy flannel, one of batting, and one of the outer wind and water resistant shell.  

Simon wanted to wear his new hat as he modeled so I let him.  Isn't he a cutie pants?

Color blocking this coat was fun.  I knew I wanted to use the red for him and toyed with numerous contrast choices until I settled on the 'silver'.  The shell fabric is from Mood Fabrics.  They had a nice selection, it was on sale, and wow is this stuff nice to work with!  The red plaid is from my stash.

That collar!  It is so nice and high, snugs around your face and neck to keep the wind out.  Plus with the well-designed hood that is detachable, you are warm and ready for the winter winds and snow.   As Simon is demonstrating, the pockets are very nice and roomy.  He was really shoving his hands down deep.  He even mentioned that he really liked this 'new' coat compared to his 'old' coat.  (I made both, but the old one is getting a bit small).  He loved it so much that when we went back into his house, he took it off and tossed it on the floor.  Nice.

Here is a photo of the insides.  I omitted the elastic waistband on the inside and the toggles at the side seam.  The color-blocking at the front neck area was a fix as I had accidentally scorched the fabric on the collar and front.  I put both the coat and my iron in time-out for a bit and then figured out a fix.  This worked.  Plus, it pulls together the two colors I used.

You can see the elastic and velcroed cuffs below.  What I should have taken a photo of was the ribbing I added to the inner cuff to keep the wind and snow out.  That made the sleeve super thick with eight layers to sew through.  More than once I did question my sanity, but in the end, it will be worth the little bit on agony that caused me.

This was a fun make.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am going to create a blue/silver one for Elliot, who's two and a half.  It warms my heart to see my grand-kids wearing clothing I've made them.

I hope you are enjoying creating some fun cold weather garments!  
Thanks for reading!
Sue :)


  1. Nice! Yes, made with love clothes are the best!

  2. This is SO nice!!
    I am never above bribing children!!

  3. Beautiful coat. How difficult was that pattern?

    1. Thank you Karen! This isn't a pattern for beginners. In fact, unless you've put coats together, I would pass on this one. The reason being is that there are so many layers! If you are use to Jalie instructions (sparse) you won't have any trouble with this. I hope you try it!