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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The perfect summer dress? Vogue 9184

Oh my, I purchased this pattern as soon as it came out and it has been sitting in my stash for two years.  Two years!  What?  What was I waiting for?  Have you ever done this?  I find myself doing this too often.  

Here is the pattern.  

Image result for images Vogue 9184
The design is basic, simple, and classic all at the same time.  Don't you agree?  Sometimes I get turned off on a pattern by a super simple line drawing.  I much prefer a photograph of a real garment on a real person.  

I must say, I put a lot of effort into this simple design.  I measured just about every point on my body you can measure, compared it to the tissue, made alterations, pin fit the fabric, and stitched it up.  The results, to me at least, were well worth it.

First I must say, I started with the shoulders and worked my way down.  For some reason, the shoulder area can be difficult to fit.  So many peaks and valleys!  I've suddenly realized I need more room from shoulder point to shoulder point across the back as well as apex to apex.  I'd never thought of that until I took a fit class this summer.  So helpful!

After fitting that area, I moved to the bust, mid back, waist, hips, etc.  You get it, right?

What I love about this pattern is that it fits so well in the bust area that according to DH, "Your chest isn't the first thing to enter the room."  In fact, I think it minimizes the girls.

When I began fitting the back and waist area, I've come to the conclusion that a garment isn't going to fit me well there unless I add a horizontal waist seam.  It just helps with my hollow area at my waist.  I try swayback adjustments but I still seem to get 'fabric' there.  If there's a waist seam, I can totally take care of that mess.

Of course I made my own bias tape from the garment fabric.  If you've never done that before, do try it.  Super easy.  It only takes a few minutes longer than using purchased bias tape and it's a perfect match to your garment.  What other convincing do you need?

My invisible zip turned out lovely.  Is that okay to say?  I used bright yellowish-green, a color in my fabric.  I love a well-inserted zipper.  I see I forgot to hook the eye and fabric loop for the photo.  Forgive that error!  It does line up perfectly!

This pattern needs some attention and love people.  A nice light-weight wool under a cute little jacket would be fabulous for cooler months.

Try this pattern!  I think you'll love it!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful fabric and one of the most flattering fits I've seen on you. Good work--as always, inspiring.

  2. This dress looks fabulous. So many places to wear it. Just the best colors to finish off the hot summer. Yep, you bet you can compliment your sewing of the zipper. Love your blog.

  3. That's beautiful, Sue! Wonderful job on the fitting!

  4. Beautiful dress! Love that fabric! Lovely fit!

  5. Your dress is lovely & I like the waist seam added. Shoulders are very difficult cult for me also - what fitting class did you take ?

  6. I love your dress and very clever the back seam. Yes your zipper looks perfect.

    I am going to make this for my daughter and I wonder how you found the sizing? She is 34.5 bust which puts her at a 12 but in Stylearc I have to even take in an 8.

  7. This dress is one of your best - the colours in the fabric are wonderful with your colouring and the fit is great and really flattering on you. A winner all around.