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Sunday, August 5, 2018

More summer sewing: McCall's 7432

How is summer flying by so quickly?  I knew I had several fabrics in my stash I planned on using before fall set in, so I got busy!

Here's the pattern I used: 
Image result for images Mccall's 7432
I love the simplicity of it.  It's a classic style, super easy, well drafted...need I go on?

This blue fabric is an ITY knit which works really well for this dress.  I so love the royal blue with white and I am a sucker for a paisley print.

I only had enough fabric to make this in a knee-length, which is fine.  This length is nice and cool to wear.

I love how this fabric skims your body, it doesn't cling, making it a great choice for this pattern.

I've been playing a lot with fit, and have discovered that I need to widen the shoulders at my upper back.  This is such an easy alteration to make.

Look at how well this dress hangs in this fabric!  

For my second version, I used a Stof knit that's 94/95% cotton and the rest is lycra.  This fabric feels just lovely on your body.

It doesn't glide from the shoulders like the ITY knit, but that's okay.

I really wanted to do something a bit different so I played with the sleeves.

I cut the sleeve pattern in half, added a hem allowance, and used the ties from Jalie's new tee pattern.  I would have just used Jalie's sleeves, but when I walked the pattern pieces, they were too large for this dress.  Plus, other reviewers mentioned they were difficult to get to look like the pattern photo, which shows them tied tightly.

Fitting is trickier with these cotton knits.  Everything seems to show!  I ended up making a dart at the bust, which btw, wasn't needed on the ITY knit.

I put in an inch at the hemline, as it hangs so much nicer on this cotton knit.  Also, the neckband drooped so I fixed that by opening up a stitch or two on the inside of the neckband, inserting 1/8" elastic, getting the length just right, sewing the ends of the elastic together, and stitching the neckband closed.  Sorry, no photo of that, but trust me, much better!

I worked hard to get all these skinny stripes lined up at the side seams and the effort paid off!

I am sure I will revisit this pattern when I want to make winter/cold weather dresses!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love both of these dresses, Sue. They are just my style for the summer heat. I will have to get this pattern! I do wish it included darts, but that's easy to add as needed. And I like those sleeves on dress #2. It adds a bit of interest. Thanks for your review!