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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Stevie Jean Jacket

I have had this pattern and the denim I used for far too long. 
Here is what it looks like: Image result for images Stevie Jean Jacket

 Since I am still on my fabric purchasing (starvation) diet, I used what I had and finally made this up.  This is a 'special' denim.  It is a high-quality, heavier weight denim--like at least 10oz.  It is perfect for this make.  

I like the fit of this--it is over-sized so it gives you a 'boyfriend' look. I made one size smaller than I usually do for SA patterns.  I don't mind a bit roomy, but over-sized and I feel like I am swallowed up. 

Making this isn't complicated.  And, if you've made a jean jacket, you can do this without the directions.  I actually like trying to follow SA's directions.  They are cryptic at best, but I do notice that their newer patterns tend to have helpful diagrams.  This pattern was no exception.


The most complicated part of this jacket is the chest pocket.  It has a very cleverly constructed facing that the flap covers. 


Sorry that photo is a bit blurry.  You can see how the facing is squared off allowing entry into the pocket.  The pocket bag is top-stitched from the inside so it is perfect on the outside.

While I was wanting to show you the pocket outline, you also can see a close-up of the sleeve vent.  That little addition of tacking is mine.  The pattern didn't call for it, but I figured that it will be a possible high-stress area.  Reinforcing it can't hurt.

Yes, there are welt pockets.  These are not my best every welts, so please don't examine them too closely.  :)

This gives you a good idea of how roomy this really is.  
Aren't those little tabs on the back waistband cute?  All the details make these fun.  

Here is my only deviation.  I added this bias band at the neckline.  The pattern tells you to fold the collar edge up into the neckline and collar and then stitch in the ditch.  That makes that seam so bulky so I serged the edge and then added this bias binding to cover it all up.  It gives that part of the garment a comfortable, and non-bulky edge.  Plus, I love that little pop of orange that shows itself occasionally.  

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are enjoying spring in your corner of the world!  


  1. Nothing as great as a classic jeans jacket. This looks great! Love the binding at the neck. Rally pretty and a nice way to reduce bulk in that seam.

  2. I have looked at this pattern more than a couple times. Very close to either the Levi or the Lee brand jean jackets back in the 70’s. I can’t remember the exact differences in the two, one had the front seaming/top pocket design similar to this pattern, one had a closer to the body fit.... Yours looks very, very good. Ahhhh, remember some of them had shearling lining for winter? Wonder how hard that would be the add to this.

  3. Beautiful top stitching and such a classic garment you'll wear for years - so worth the time and effort and because you're sewing from your stash almost free :)

  4. By the way you should enter in the #sewyourstash challenge! (I think that's it's name? you can look it up to make sure)

  5. The jacket looks great. Such neat topstitching and love the use of the bias binding!

  6. Although you sized down, this jacket still has plenty of room for a few layers underneath. Beautiful top stitching. Great work!