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Friday, May 5, 2017

A skirt for spring

I love making garments that can be worn in the spring and this skirt is a quick make, perfect when you want to whip something up.

I wanted an  instant gratification project and this pattern was perfect: Pull-on tube skirt with angled design lines
This is the Taylor Knit skirt from StyleArc.  You all know I am a HUGE SA fan and this pattern didn't disappoint me at all.  It is drafted beautifully and the fit is exactly what I expected.

It was a little cold the day we took these pictures.  In fact, the following day, it snowed about 5 inches.  The date?  May 1st!!!  

I hope this summer I can wear this with a bright tee and sandals.  

There is just a dart to give this shaping at the sides.  Very clever!  

 The slit is just the right length.  It lets you walk and sit comfortably.

Here is a close up of the fabric I used.  I love the variegated stripes.  It is from JoAnn's and it performed really well.  Maybe JoAnn's is starting to up their game.  I hope so.  When I need an instant fabric fix, it is about my only choice where I live.

Next time I wear this, I hope it is with short sleeves and flats.

Thanks for reading! Sue :)  


  1. This is a great looking skirt. Love the fabric too.

  2. Agree - great looking skirt! I've made this skirt too but in a plain fabric. The stripes really show up the interesting seam lines on this skirt.

  3. We got snow May 1st too! Silly midwest! :)

    I love your skirt and that fabric is very cool!