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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stitch Wear Play, sewing for Simon!

I was so very excited when I WON this adorable book of patterns for kiddos!

After all, I am a grandma and sewing for little ones is great fun!  My first and second project from this book was the Boy's Shorts and the Boy's Shirt.  I love uncomplicated names for patterns.

You may be thinking that these look like pants, not shorts, and you are right!  I lengthened these by about 3 inches as in my neck of the woods, summer is practically over and fall weather is emerging. It was 44 degrees this morning!  Construction was super simple.  The drafting was excellent on these pants with clear directions and illustrations of the steps to put them together.  Easy-peasy!  To dress them up just a tad, I added rivets to one side of the back pockets.

It's interesting that the back pockets are attached after the yoke is stitched on.  I wondered why but then realized the top portion of the pocket overlaps the yoke.  No wonder!

I decided to make the waist band out of the plaid I was using for the shirt.  I attached cotton cording to elastic and that is what will hold the little guys pants up.  He has a rather flat derriere and pants tend to slip down quite a bit.  I thought with the addition of elastic, they would have a better chance of not slipping down.

For the shirt, and BTW, isn't this design adorable?  I changed it up a bit as I realized that I cut it out incorrectly.  I hate it when I do that but I am happy with the end result!  I cut 1.5 inch bands, interfaced, folded, stitched on and viola!  The perfect place for snaps was created!  I like using snaps for children's clothing as you don't have to worry about missing buttons.  Young moms simply don't have time to deal with that sort of nonsense!  The snaps are plastic and came from Got lux.

Since I did cut incorrectly, I added a neck band and again, I cut a 1.5" band on the bias, folded in half lengthwise, pressed, stitched, folded over and caught the underside of the band with topstitching.

The fit is easy and construction is great.  I very much enjoyed putting this outfit together for him and can't wait to see him in it!

Another notes on this pattern book: all seams are 3/8" which makes it easy to sew and there isn't a lot of clipping seams.

Sizing ranges from one to five or a 39.5" kiddo to a 51" child.

I made a size one, which most closely matched Simon's measurements.  I anticipate these to be a little big on him, or rather loose-fitting.  I am hoping they will fit next spring or later this winter.  He can wear a long sleeved white tee-shirt underneath and be warm and stylish!

Thanks for reading.  This was my first foray into Japanese patterns and I have to say that I am impressed!  I will be making more garments from this book.



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    1. Thanks AC! These were fun to put together!

  2. Adorable.. Love sewing for those sweet grandbabies..

    1. Thanks Judy and it is so much fun to sew for those precious little ones in your life! I just love it!