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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Edith Top to color up my fall

I made a new top and wow, so colorful!  The fabric is a viscose challis from Elliot Berman and from France!  Aren't I all fancy with this!  I've never used EB fabrics before and it was just wonderful to sew with.  And look at those vibrant colors!  Sometimes a girl just needs to treat herself to a very pretty and lush fabric!

This is a new pattern for me: Edith top from Style Arc. The pattern was a freebie with an order placed in September.  I like the design lines.  It has the hem bands, the placket, the patch pockets with flaps, and the neckline.  I see I managed to iron a big crease in the front pocket.  :)

While this looks like a rather simple sew, it did present challenges, mostly with the instructions but with StyleArc, you get a great design and drafting and have to put up with the less than easily presented directions.

I made a size 12 with long sleeves.  I simply love the sizing on this top.  It fits fantastic through the shoulder, neckline, and bust.  I made zero alterations in those areas.  My usual swayback adjustment was completed (1/2") and I love how well the back hangs. While the drawings make it look overly boxy, I don't think it appears too boxy on me.  Perhaps that is my softer fabric choice?

My only disappointment was in the sleeve length.  My sleeves are about 1" too short making them bracelet length.  This really isn't a huge deal but this is one thing to check before you cut this out.I solved the issue by cuffing them twice.

I made just a few deviations from the instructions.  One was on the placket.  I decided not to turn under the facing portion to the inside and topstitch.  Even though I used interfacing, my fabric was a bit soft and I simply didn't want to wrestle with it.  The other deviation was to make a bias band for the collar instead of sewing the two piece one together and praying it would lay nice and flat like I knew would happen if I made my usual bias one.

I know this top is colorful but I love it!  I wore it to work today and received several compliments on it!

Another winner from StyleArc!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sue, This is a great top and looks fabulous on you.

  2. Sue, I love your fabric, and the pattern is super cute too..Looks nice on you..

  3. Hi Sue! I placed my very first SA order to get this top! It is darling and I love yours - so much!

    So, you didn't need an FBA (You and I typically take the same size in patterns and both FBA and do swayback!)? How much fabric did you use?? I think it calls for more than I was expecting it to.

    1. Thanks so much Nakisha! I have never had to make a FBA on a style arc pattern! I think that is part of the reason I love them so much as they seem to be drafted for us full chested girls! I hope you love your new pattern! I canm't wait to see your review!

  4. Fantastic fabric. I agree, a splurge on a beautiful fabric is just necessary once in a while :-) love the colors and print.

  5. Bright and cheery fabric. Thanks for sharing your experience with this pattern Sue. It looks like a good one.

    1. I hope you'll try this pattern Jean! It's a good one!