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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Just in time...white leggings!

How is your summer going?  Is your weather cooperating?  Ours--sort of? Need some layering pieces like me?  Leggings to the rescue!

I think it is easy to know which patterns I favor.  McCall's just are the bomb for me!  7122 is a basic raglan sleeved top, dress and leggings pattern.  I've made two dresses and a tunic, now time for leggings!

These leggings have one piece to them--yep, one!  There are no side seams and the waistband it attached.  I purchased a yard of rather stretch scuba knit from Hancocks and got to work.  I had to lop about six inches off the bottom but I think the length is perfect for spring, summer, and fall.  This is a VERY economical pair of pants!  The fabric was half-price and the elastic was from my stash so these cost about $5!!!  And, they are VERY comfortable.  SCORE!!!

So, here is what I modified:
1.  Length--see above
2.  Waistband casing--You can see where I serged the edge.  I know it's unnecessary, but at first I was going to make the casing and decided against it.  Here is what I did instead: eliminated the casing and choose to attach the elastic directly to the waistband by zig-zagging it to the top most portion of the garment, fold to the inside and then use a triple stretch stitch to secure to the pants.  I have an almost ripple free waisband that lies flat, doesn't roll, and is neat and tidy.  Love it!

3.  I ended up taking these in about 1/2 on each inseam to get a closer fit.  That means a total of about an inch on each leg from the crotch to the hemline.  If you have really narrow legs, check that out before making your final seam.  I could have gone tighter but I like how these look.  If I was tucking them into boots, I would take them in more.
4.  I broke out the pesky cover stitch machine and used that on the hemline.

Cut out to pulling them on took about one hour--seriously!  That is it!  A fast and gratifying sew!

Thanks for reading.  And no, I won't show you a full on butt shot, I don't want to give anyone nightmares!!!



  1. I know you are proud to have made these. They look nice and I'm glad to see that you used scuba knit as I have several pieces. I've got plans to make some since I have a pattern and have need of them for wearing to the gym. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Dorothy! I hope you like the scuba knit, it is very nice to work with!

  2. The fit looks great on those! I think I need a pair of white leggings.

  3. I'm so excited to see these on you! My M7122 came in the mail today - it's such a nice pattern. And now you've told me and shown that white scuba knit works for the leggings. I've been chicken to buy any scuba knit....thks! Yours are so cute.

    1. I know about having anxiety about trying an unfamiliar fabric, but this j super easy to work with! Can't wait to see yours!