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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Butterick 6216 to the rescue!

I wanted a fast make for an upcoming trip to see DD1 and SIL1.  Even though I have a billizion patterns, (yes that is a real numerical value for an out of control stash...) I just couldn't find one that jumped out at me and said, YES my turn!

I did what any girl would and drove to Hancocks and found, oh lucky me!, that Butterick patterns were a measley dollar something.  So, purchased several.  I mean, I had to...am I right???

Butterick Misses' Tunic 6216

Butterick 6216 to the rescue!  Isn't it darling with the all business in the front but a definite party in the back!  I choose view A and had the two perfect fabrics from my stash that I knew would work perfectly!  I don't sew a lot of Buttericks, but with my success, I will be sewing more!

Instructions are very clear and easy to follow for this.  My two fabrics are remenants from other projects--both tops!  I don't recall the fiber contents but they are similarly stretchy and had good recovery.

I used seam binding instead of bias tape to stabilize the shoulders.  I thought it worked great!

My only real deviation from the directions/design was to hem the back undershirt portion and cut the top front and back slightly longer so I had room to turn and hem the same length as the insert.

I really like the neckband is included for the pattern that was very well proportioned and went in the neckline easy with no ripples!  YAY!

This top goes together easy and fairly fast!  I would say it took longer to hem the back overlay than it did to make the entire thing!

Oops, almost forgot that I made an FBA and also a swayback adjustment.

I just love my top, mostly because of the colors--this watermellony or geranium is one of my favs!!!

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  1. That is really cute! The Big 4 companies have really impressed me lately with their pattern selection. There are so many I want now. I will definitely be buying this one. Love your color combo.

    1. Thanks Shirley Ann! I've been impressed too lately, especially with McCall's!

  2. Very stylish - great job . I also love the colors & it looks very comfy

    1. Thanks MaryEllen! That raspberry-ish color is one of my favs!

  3. Very interesting top! Love your color choice and it looks nice on you.