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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturday Stash Buster--My first Bomber jacket! McCall's 7100

I am so in love with so many of the McCall's patterns as of late!  So very RTW!!!  Cute, classy, need I go on?  This one caught my eye and I've been contemplating the perfect fabric and decided to just make it already!  I have so much in my stash so I looked and found three pieces that not only worked together but I think look cute and are in my favorite color palates--black and gray!  I need to broaden my horizons, I know!

From the back of the envelope: Semi-fitted, unlined jackets have collar, side front seams, bands, exposed front zipper, and sleeves with shoulder dart.  A, B: welts.  A, B, C: side front pockets.  D: Front pockets.  

I used the welt pockets from a, and the color contrasting from B to create my jacket.  

This pattern is designed for medium weight woven and stable knit fabrics.  I used a black linen for the raglan sleeves and a white, black, and gray print from Marcy Tilton for the main body.  The gray knit is from my stash as well.  I even had the correct length zipper for this!  See what hoarding can do for you?

I made a straight up medium but included at 1 inch FBA.  When I tissue fit this, I knew the apex needed lowered about an inch and I added width that you can see in my photo below.  I just used some left over scraps of pattern tissue paper and taped the pieces in which makes it much easier to fold the it all back up and fit into the envelope.

The one thing I don't do is to add to the waist line.  When I have made FBAs in that manner, I end up taking in the lower edge of the garment so I taper to nothing at that point.

I know some reviewers have commented on the crazy illustrations for this pattern, but if you read the directions, look at the photos and compare your garment, it all makes perfect sense.  Everything is shown on the illustrations--darts, seams, etc.  Don't over think it...

I love how this fits through the shoulder area and neckline.  This isn't too baggy in the body either like some jackets are that I've seen.  And, did I mention the welt pockets?  They are awesome!  That little piece of black from the sleeves gave the perfect little contrast there.  The pockets are just deep enough but if you have larger hands or are creating this as a warm jacket, you may want to make them just a tad bigger.  I made this to wear with a short-sleeved t-shirt or tank, so basically as an indoor layering piece.

Something that I have noticed about the new McCall's is that the finishes are really nice and this jacket is no exception!  I love how polished the insides look!

My only deviation, other than the FBA, was to make my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment.

This is such a great pattern!  I hope you'll give it a whirl!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've had this in queue for awhile and LOVE yours!!! What fantastic "scraps"!! :) L.O.V.E.!

    1. Well thanks Nakisha! I hope you try this!

  2. Very cute. I'm happy to see this one made up as I've got it in my stash too. :-)

  3. The print on your jacket is awesome. Really pops. You did a great job on this jacket. Like seeing your creativity come to life in your creations

  4. Oh, yeah, I really like your coat here!! Thanks for the good pics of the inside and all that jazz. I've got my pattern out at the moment and was just checking out everyone's reviews on it. Your's is quite helpful, thanks!

  5. Looks fab. I do have a weakness for bomber jackets.
    Sassy Sewing Bees - https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees

  6. I really love your jacket Sue!

  7. I really love your jacket Sue!