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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ottobre Everyday Coat & a stash-buster weekend!

I just fell in love with this white jacket with the pop of yellow!  Can you blame me?  First of all, the fabric Ottobre used was Techno jersey (huh?)  I searched high and low and found a source but I've never come across the online store so I think I will just order a swatch and see.  In the mean time, since it was love, I used a pretty purple crystal ponte from my stash and this was all from my stash so here is my buster for the month!

I just love the RTW details of this jacket with the inseam pockets, princess seaming on the front and back, the hood with the drawstring and toggles and the length.

Ottobre describes this coat like this: Every woman needs a coat that is versatile enough to suit almost any situation! This beautiful base coat is sewn from techno jersey--a knit fabric....The unlined coat is quick to make.  It has zippered pockets in the princess seams on the front.  The coat has a tailored fit as there are princess seams also on the back.  The generous hood has a casing with adjustable elastic cord at its face edge.  The edges of the hood facing and seam allowance at the neckline and front edge are finished with contrast-color binding.

Hold on, big gust of wind!  With many of the non-American based pattern companies, the only directions are written and I believe they assume that women that purchase their patterns have sewing knowledge and experience, enough so that you can't just wing it unless you've sewn something similar.  Anyone else get that impression? Maybe it's just me since I am such a visual learner and sewer.

I wanted to skip the directions and just plow forward but decided against it.  I skimmed the instructions but not well enough and was perplexed as to how the they wanted you to insert the pockets.  And, since I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be less stubborn, I decided to reread and am glad I did!  It made perfect sense afterwards!

I really didn't deviate much other than to make round button holes instead of inserting grommets for the cording in the hood.  I also sewed the sleeves in flat before sewing up the side seams.  The directions tell you to slightly gather, but when I test drove the fit, no easing was necessary.

I am still trying to figure out my sizing for Ottobre and Burda and I made between a 40 and 42.  I think it is slightly too big but not so much to that I might just take it in under the arms and to the waistline just a touch.

I used this fun, colorful, and cherry cotton print for the contrast as I thought plain white might be a bit boring...it sure made finishing this jacket seem very high-end.

I love how long the coat is and that I only had to turn under the sleeves by 3/4" inch and topstitch.

Make sure you use a sturdy knit for this jacket otherwise the edges will get wonky with the zippers.  I choose not to use the interfacing at the front edge to stabilize.  My knit is pretty darn stable.  I did however use staytape at the shoulder seam and at the pocket edges.

My only beef with this pattern is that the contrast zipper peeks out between the pocket edges on the inside of the coat.  I am going to figure out how I can make that part look as pretty as the rest of the coat.  Also, check the size of the pockets.  They are just a tad on the small side.  They will easily house my keys, phone, lipstick, but that's about it!

Thanks for reading and what do you think of Burda/Ottobre patterns?  Personally, I have better luck with Ottobre and love the styles!



  1. Nice details Sue. The contrasting cotton trim looks great with the purple. I can't comment on the patterns as I have never used these brands before.

  2. Great job, Sue! I love the lavender trim. I just cut out this pattern this weekend, and wish I had read your review first-I would have cut a size smaller and made the pockets bigger! I love Ottobre- their styles are much more suited to my lifestyle than Burda.

    1. I agree Ann with you regarding the Burda vs Ottobre. I love them too and thanks for the compliment!

  3. I love this pattern. Great color, this makes me want to trace mine out and sew one up. It's super helpful to see it made up and your input on it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I too love the color!

  4. I've never made an Ottobre design though I think they seem suitable for someone taller than average, like me, as I still need more detailed instruction. So can't help with your question. Love your details.

  5. This pattern caught my eye as well. Such a pretty color combo and trim! I wasn't quite sure what kind of fabric was used for the sample coat in the magazine, either. I just recently made my first Ottobre pattern! I quite like it, although the style is a bit young looking for me, and my family thinks it is maternity looking. In general, I do like their offerings, as well as some of Burda's.

    1. Thanks for the input Andrea. I agree, some of the Ottobre (as well as the Burda) seem very young at heart--not that I am old mind you but I would feel odd wearing some of the designs.