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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Fashionista Challenge, Part 2!

Yes, that's right, I made it to round 2!  Oh my goodness, I am a bundle of excitement and nerves all mashed together!

This time, our challenge is to make a solid colored garment that focuses on fit.  With a solid, you see more of the fitting issues than you do with a print, especially a busy print.  I am super pumped for this round!

You can read more about the contest here: 2nd challenge!

Congrats to Beth from 110 Creations for being this week's winner!

You can totally see why she won.  Her top is beautiful!

Now, off to picking the perfect pattern and fabric!  Stay tuned for more fun!  Thanks also for your support and comments, I do appreciate them!
Sue :)

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