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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Casual Friday outfit

Do you have a day you look forward to every week?  My day is FRIDAY!
Just like the rest of the world, I love Fridays! I get to wear more casual clothing to work and I daydream about what I am going to sew! For this month's post, I wanted to make a casual Friday outfit. I didn't want just any jeans but some sort of dressier ones--does that make sense? I also wanted a breezy top that was somewhat dressy as well but in some super awesome fabric.

So here is my outfit:

I choose to use the StyleArc Katherine Pant.  The legs are what drew me to the pattern--not skinny but also not too wide and those slant pockets are cute.  I knew they were just what I wanted to go with this amazing denim.  


This denim is the perfect weight for these pants and actually, it would work equally well for a shirt dress, jacket, or a structured top.  I love that it is printed and the floral design is right up my alley!

Katherine Pant - Straight leg tailored pant with seam detail

For my top, I used a New Look Pattern that I've tried before and love.  It is easy to put together and I thought the texture of the fabric with the draping would be very nice and I am happy with the result.   

I've always had issues with upper back leg bagginess.  After quite an extensive search, I found a link that talks about reducing that by equally lowering the bottom of the back crotch and also at the waistline.  You redraw the crotch to compensate for the lower seam line and then stretch the crotch seam to fit the front leg.  


You can kind of see what I did above.  Sorry I didn't take a before photo!  Stretching the inseams so that matched wasn't difficult at all.  

I think this technique worked well but when I use it again, I am going to try a 1/4" rather than a 1/2" adjustment.  I may have gone slightly overboard with the 1/2"!


For the top, I used a favorite New Look pattern.  I love the sort of twisted front and the split 

Image result for Images New Look 6303

I made view C.  

This fabric is from Halston.  Do you shop the designer fabrics?  This fabric is just so pretty and fun to work with.  

I used a single-layer for the sleeves, and a double layer for the front and back.  

I matched up the 'plaid' lines on the layers so it didn't blur the design.  

See the wonderful texture in the fabric?  

I enjoyed creating this outfit and now need the weather to warm up so I can celebrate a casual Friday in my new outfit!

Thanks so much for reading!

If you'd like to see the tutorial on the pant alterations, here it is!


  1. Really cute.. but looks kinda dressy too [so you have the comfort, but not the "wearing jogging pants look.ha].. The shirt is really pretty too. Happy sewing.

  2. So cute! I'm with you on printed denim - it's just so fun! nice work on the pants.

  3. I love this whole outfit! I, too, would like to have more clothes that are comfortable yet still a bit classy. I have a Burda magazine pants pattern that is similar to this Style Arc one but was worried that the seam down the front of the leg would drive me crazy. Do you find this seam to be annoying?

    Also, can you share the link to the pants alteration. I'd already figured out that scooping the back crotch would help me substantially because when I place a yardstick under my crotch the angle is shocking because my back crotch is so much lower than my front, although I don't think I need to lower it a corresponding amount at the waist because I always have to add there. When you mention doing a 1/2 inch alteration I am assuming you mean the back crotch was dropped that much. Was the 1/2 inch easy enough to ease into the front? I'm thinking that as long as it's a natural fabric I should be okay especially if I steam and stretch the back. Any insights would be much appreciated.

    1. Hello Nadine!
      Thanks so much for commenting and the questions!
      That front seam doesn't bother me at all. I thought it might, but I don't even realize it is there.
      For the pants alteration--the link is at the bottom of my post. I would have copied and pasted it here again, but it won't let me do that. Sorry!
      I normally have to add a swayback adjustment so lower the waistline an equal amount as I did the crotch seam seemed natural to me. And yes, I did drop the crotch seam that much. Easing that amount into the leg wasn't an issue. That part of the seam is pretty much cut on the bias anyway due to the curve there so easing it was very easy. I have a pair I'd like to make in wool/poly blend and I am hoping I have the same luck!
      Please let me know if you have further questions!

    2. I can't believe I didn't see the link! Thank you so much for sharing about that front seam not bothering you. I just love that style of pants, and now I feel a lot more confident about tracing it off and trying it. I've also thought about adding a flat piping to the front seam and pocket tops for interest.

      I think that the key to the balance of comfort and style is finding a good mix between fabric and pattern. I think that your more casual top looks dressier because of the good fabric choice. Mixing pattern and fabric has never been my strength so finding this balance has proved challenging for me. I really appreciate your inspiration and help. Thank you.

  4. A great outfit for casual Friday, or anytime really!

  5. Lovely outfit. You are so good at making pants that fit.

  6. You look fab, great outfit! I have the top pattern but haven't yet got round to making it, the front is lovely. My fav outfit day would have to be a Saturday