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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The top that should have been a dress or Simplicity 8216

How stinking cute is this pattern?  The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it!  Luckily it was on sale at JoAnn's so it was a great deal!  

Simplicity Pattern 8216 Misses' Mini Dress or Tunic

Did you ever wear a bow blouse back in the late 80's or 90's?  I wasn't a working girl at that time as I choose to stay at home and be with my four little ones but I did have a bow blouse or two.  They are feminine, pretty, and graceful.  

But the big difference between then and now is the size of the bow.  Then the bow was HUGE!  Now, the bow is simple and understated, perfect!

Let's talk fabric first.  Isn't this just fun?  I purchased it from either Fabric.com or Fabric Mart.  I wish I could remember!

Sometimes I purchase fabrics and realize something like--wow, I've gotten a lot of blues lately....

I don't wear a ton of blue, but something about this rich cobalt color was so striking to me.  I believe it is a poly/rayon challis.  Really lovely to work with.

A note or two about the pattern.  I made my usual size 14 since that size fits me so well through the shoulders and upper chest.   This pattern has plenty of ease through the chest so I didn't make my usual FBA.  Another note is that the line drawing makes this pattern look very gathered along the back yoke along with the shoulder areas.  Neither have much gathering.

I did however make a sloping shoulder adjustment.  I love how that area fits me.  

If you sew this neckline and bow area precisely, you'll end up with a great result!

 I tagged this the top that should have been a dress because I found to holes in my fabric as I was sewing it up.  I ended up hacking about 3.5 inches from the bottom of this tunic and realized there was another hole about five inches above that one.  Grrrr.............I fixed that by appliqueing a small leaf over the hole and it worked.  Dang, I wish I would have examined the fabric more carefully before cutting into it!

I am happy with my finished result.

Sue :)


  1. Aw man that would make me crazy. I'm sad now because I really love the top but think that fabric could have been super awesome as a dress!

    I love it and love how the bow is sewn.

    1. I agree Nakisha! I should have just tried another applique over the top of the hole. :(

  2. Sue, I remember some blouses with bows back in the day. They did have bigger bows, didn't they? I like this smaller bow better - less overwhelming than those blouses that I recall.
    Very nice, and so flattering. I like the print as well.

    1. Thank you Bernice! I really like the size of this bow as well. :)

  3. Super top, the pattern is lovely and it looks like the fabric is a perfect match for it. It's so frustrating when you realise there are flaws in fabric, I've just found two lines down mine and I'm not a happy bunny, the plan I had has gone! Wouldn't mind if I knew and it was cheaper due to the fault, grrrr!

    1. I feel you pain Lynsey! I wish I would have seen the flaw right away and I would have sent the fabric back. Just so dang disappointing!