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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wonderful wool made more special with Cashmere!

The StyleArc Livia I made earlier this fall has been playing on my mind...I simply wasn't ready to file the pattern away.

Classic jacket with pocket treatment
I've had a beautiful wool/cashmere in my stash for a year.

I'd purchased it while at a conference in Billings, Montana.  It was on sale but it was still pricey but so soft, and I am a sucker for a muted plaid.

It was my destiny and I knew once the perfect pattern came along, I'd be ready and it would be hopefully fabulous!  What do you think of the result?

Obviously it has changed a bit from the pattern, but that is what makes sewing so much fun!  Here are my alterations/modifications:

1.  Half-inch swayback adjustment
2.  Half-inch sloping shoulder adjustment
3.  I added just one pocket and the band is a contrast, off-white wool/cashmere purchased at the same time as the plaid and I decided to attach it so I could fringe the edge
4.  Added nine shell buttons to the front
5.  Hong-Kong finish on the inside made even better with the addition of a decorative stitch

6.  Cut out each pattern piece after matching the plaid at the seamlines--I hope this makes sense!  In other words, I took a great deal of time to cut this baby out!

I thought about lining the jacket but with my age-bracket these days, additional layers of fabric are too much for me.  :)  Those of you in the 50-plus crowd know exactly what I mean!

I really love this jacket...can you tell?  I've worn it twice now and received many compliments!  I love it when that happens!  Look how windy it was today when we were taking pictures!

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  1. Pretty fabric, Sue and I love how you have used the decorative stitch on your hong kong seam finishes. Such a nice detail.

    1. Thank you Jean! It took a little extra time but I think it was well worth it.

  2. The jacket is stunning, but the Hong Kong finish is the most beautiful one I have ever seen! Thanks for the inspiration.