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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A New Top: McCall's 7247

I made this top a few weeks ago and realized I haven't blogged about it.  The pattern is fun, cute and really just a variation of a basic tee, but that's ok.  I need variations.  And with pattern sales, this was less than $2.  How can you go wrong?

Line Art
McCall's 7247 is a pattern for a close-fitting top with one of two different overlays and a neck band.  This is easy to put together and a nice variation if you want some tees yet need some variety.

M7247, Misses' Tops

I made view B in a size 14 with an FBA.  I don't necessarily agree with the close-fitting part as I could have gone down a size but wanted a fit more like the model's photograph as is shown above. Does that look close-fitting to you?  I made the FBA on both the top and the overlay.  It was necessary!

I used fabric from Fabric Mart in this super cool wavy striped style fabric.  It was lovely to sew with. I believe it was 50% off which is an even bigger bonus and do you see the teal and orange with black? This is quite possibly my most favorite trio of colors on the planet.  :)

It was so windy today when DD2 took pictures!  For some reason, DH decided to run the sprinklers, even though it is mid-October and the water was spraying on us ever so slightly!  Also, the overlay wanted to blow everywhere as this is South Dakota and the wind has no buffers anywhere and seems to pick up speed as it zooms from somewhere in Canada.

Instructions were very well written for this top and yes, I did read and follow them.  After following a StyleArc pattern or two, McCall's directions were a welcome relief!  This pattern is very intuitive and super easy to figure out just looking at the photo of the top.

I coverstitched all the hemlines but ended up using lightweight fusible interfacing in between the hem and the top to stabilize it.  I also used some tear-away embroidery stabilizer as well to keep the seams nice and flat.  It works like a charm!  Simply and carefully tear-away the stabilizer and then wash the top.  The little scraps that hang around after tearing away disappear after washing and drying.

I like my new top.  It's comfortable, the fabric is super cute, and I like the fit.  This works well with a variety of denim from black to gray to black.  This pattern is a winner!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely top! I really like the colors and print too.

    1. Thanks MushyWear! I appreciate your kind words!

  2. I love your version of this top. I purchased this during Club BMV sale and looking for the right fabric to use to make it. Very helpful information.

  3. Cute top and lovely fabric choice. This pattern reminds me of the Style Arc Elizabeth Top which I have in my pattern stash but haven't tried yet. You are inspiring me to give it a go.

    1. Hi Jean--I will have to check out StyleArc's Elizabeth top--I so love their patterns!

  4. Very pretty! That is gorgeous fabric.

    1. Thanks Ann! I appreciate your kind words!