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Monday, May 18, 2015

More Kwik Sew Love!

Kwik Sew patterns are the bomb for directions and ease of sewing, agreed?  I love them and have never been disappointed in my final product as long as I pick the correct size, sew with careful attention, and use quality fabric.

Here is the description from Sewing Pattern Review: Pull-over tops are close fitting. View A has full length sleeves and V-neckline with lapped collar that is gathered at front neckline with four decorative buttons and loops. View B has short sleeves and wide round faced neckline with neckband that is gathered on front

I made a medium, used a poly-lycra knit from Hancock's that behaved and sewed beautifully and paid careful attention to the construction process, simply because I wanted the neckline to turn out astounding.  How do you think it looks?

This is an easy gratification project.  If you don't have much experience sewing super stretchy knits then please wait for this pattern or pick a knit that is relatively stable, yet with good recovery.

I mismatched this using the neckline of A but the sleeve length of B.  I was slightly worried it would 'hang' around the back of my neck, but it really doesn't so I'm pretty sure it will work great for spring, summer, and fall.  The neckline was easy to sew but I took a few precautions such as basting the collar edges together prior to attaching them to  the top and using fusible interfacing at the shoulder/back neckline for stability while sewing.

As with every Kwik Sew Pattern I've used to date, instructions and visuals are impeccable with no head-scratching moments at all!

I had very few alterations/modifications to this pattern.

  • I made my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment by making a wedge at the back waistline and tapering to nothing at the side seam.  However, when I see photos of my swayback adjustment, I wonder if the reason I have some bunching at the back waist line is because I didn't need the adjustment with this stretchy of a fabric?  Not sure....any ideas?  
  • I made an FBA by using the system in the book, Real Fit for Real People.  I use this method a LOT!!!  The exception I make to this process is to bring in the waistline to normal as I don't need extra width there.
  • I used an elastic hair band for the button loops and I only made three as I had only one hairband the correct color.  Therefore I only sewed three buttons at that point rather than four as the instructions call form.
  • The only other modification to the design was to topstitch the seam of the collar to the top using a stretch stitch.

I really love this top.  It's a bit different from any other tops I have in my wardrobe so that 's a bonus and I plan on making this same top, or version B, with long sleeves for cooler weather.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cute top, and looks great with that skirt. Happy sewing.

  2. I have made B5431 skirt pattern out of both knits and wovens. It is designed for woven on the bias. I have noticed it needs no sway back adjustment in a knit but does in a woven. I think this is because the knit hangs heavier and just pulls it down well.

    1. Hi Jenny Mac, I'll have to try that pattern! Thanks for the info!