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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May wrap up and sewing plans for SUMMER VACATION TIME!

Yahoo!  It's summer break for me and that means lots of time to sew!  I have other projects too such as painting the exterior of our home but what I am most excited about is to sew for the pure pleasure of it!

Back to May...I fully intended to post photos of MeMadeMay but life just got too busy and I simply forgot!  What I did do however is to look through my closet for clothes I've made and haven't really worn or barely worn and tried to figure out why...the big conundrum of my life!  I spend so much time, as I am sure the rest of you do as well, picking the perfect pattern for a cherished piece of fabric to create a garment I am just ecstatic to wear!  So, here is what I discovered:

1.  I am w-a-y to hard on myself when it comes to critiquing overall fit, shape of a garment and wear-ability.  For example, one of the tunics I had made but hadn't worn finally saw the light of day and I received no less than ten comments on how cute it was and how well it fit me.  Huh, maybe I should have worn it sooner!  And actually, this happened more than once with clothing I hadn't worn yet!

2.  I need to make some wardrobe plans as I sew.  I was very disappointed I wasn't able to participate in SPR mini-wardrobe challenge in April and May as I need a challenge like that to help me coordinate some pieces.  I had three work related trips, a retirement party at my home for a dear friend and colleague, teaching an on-line college class with over 40 students (BTW, don't ever agree to do this!), and also working full time.  Not much time was devoted to sewing let alone coordinating all the pieces!

3.  I really need some basic pieces such as tee shirts, blue jeans, and camisoles in colors I wear all the time.

And...every day the month of May, I wore clothing I made!  In fact the gals I work with want me to take a photo of an outfit that I haven't made and show them if I ever do wear such a thing!  Ha!

I did make some stuff that I really, really like!  Dresses, a jacket, and some cardigans were all appreciated!  I even made two tops I haven't gotten around to blogging about, so watch for those soon!

Currently, my cutting table is cluttered with a project for Fabric Mart.  I am making clothing for the men in my life: Husband, two sons, two son-in-laws and a super cute 21 month old grandson.  That is a lot of men!  I'll fill you in more later...it is quite hysterical talking to men about their clothing and even with five that have opinions, they were all very much the same in their approach to choosing clothing styles.  :)

So here is a list of my May-makes!

Vogue Dress with pretty linen fabric.  

StyleArc Maxi Dress modeled in the rain!  

My favorite make of the month--StyleArc Ziggi Biker Jacket in white denim.  

A colorful top and skirt!  Kwik Sew top and StyleArc skirt.  Both made in super stretchy knit from Hancocks.  

A McCall's raglan sleeved dress in a beautiful watercolor print from Fabric Mart.  This was a Julie's pick fabric and I love it!  

A linen knit cardigan with no buttons from a McCall's pattern.  

Same McCall's pattern but in a poly crochet-look lace.  

Thanks for reading!!!



  1. Hi Sue. Love your blog. I have not done much online fabric shopping but pickings are slim for apparel fabric in my town. Do you have any pointers for getting started with online fabric buying? Thanks

    1. Hi Lynne! Thank you for the love of my blog! I'm just surprised anyone reads it besides my daughters and mom!
      As far as fabric buying, I would try ordering swatches if you aren't familiar with a company. As for me, I typically don't go wrong with Fabric Mart, Marcy Tilton, Gorgeous Fabrics, and Emma One Sock. Fabric Mart is probably the place I frequent most and for the most part, I am happy with my purchases. If I really want something special, I head to Gorgeous Fabrics or Emma One Sock. If I am unfamiliar with a company, I will only purchase one or two pieces to see if I am happy with it or not. I hope this helps!
      Again, thanks for reading!

  2. I love the pretty linen dress and cool biker jacket. Good luck sewing for all those men - sounds like you will have your hands full. I am sure you will make them some fab garments.

    1. Thanks Tomasa...it's interesting sewing for men! I can wait to hear what they think and thank you for the kind words on my linen dress and biker jacket. Those are my favs of the month as well! Happy Sewing!