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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sewaholic Pattern Minoru jacket--take 2!


Here is my second review for the uber popular Minoru jacket by Sewaholic patterns.   

When you see the pattern, you think why yes, I can see why so many people have whipped this up and some more than once!   It is very cute, very RTW, and a classic design.  And, who doesn't love the concealed hood?  Genius!

Here is my version of the Minoru jacket.  

This time I used a light-weight water repellant linen I purchased from fabric mart.  It gathered beautifully around the neckline, unlike my first version where I used a heavier brocade-type fabric that was much to heavy for the design.  

I found the correct sized zipper in the bright orange, the perfect contrast for the light grey fabric.  With the orange zipper I wanted a lining that would pop and I found this silky print at Joanns.  It is the perfect sort of wowza I was looking for.  Plus, it was 40% off and who doesn't love a bargain?  I wasn't so lucky with the hood zipper but found a grey that matched the main fabric perfectly!  

I made a size 14 and it fits great.  As you can see, I added side seam pockets, that I drafted by simply laying my hand on the fabric, measuring around it, adding seam allowances and attaching where they felt most comfortable.  I didn't add the inside jacket pocket as I didn't find it would be that handy for keys, wallet, etc.  

Modifications: other than the side seam pockets, nothing major really.  Although now that I think about it, I believe that pattern has you attach the zipper to the front after applying the band and band facing.  I sandwiched my zipper in between the band and facing so the zipper's edges were enclosed. I found the waistline elastic too long so I cut about three inches off of the pattern guide's suggestions.  

As you can see from my photo, the zipper doesn't reach the bottom of the jacket despite following the back of the envelope precisely for the length of zipper I needed.  I really don't mind that though, I do believe it gives you a little more walking room. 

Other reviewers have mentioned how high the collar is and yes, it is high but if you make the hood, you need plenty of room to stuff it inside the collar pieces.  I don't mind the height of it at all.  If it really bugs you, you can fold it down. 

My only dislikes are the sleeve length and the cuffs.  I found the sleeves really long and if you are shorter than 5'7" you may need to alter these.  Also, I don't like the cuffs.  I would like them to bunch a little tighter than they do.  I will have to think about whether I want to go through the work of taking them off, cutting the elastic smaller and reattaching.

I do love my jacket.  I wore it to work today and received many compliments.  If you haven't tried this jacket yet, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is fantastic!!!! It looks amazing on you and looks very well made. The contrasts are a fun touch too :)

    1. I think I'm just going to head to your blog and search the patterns I'm interested in! :-p

      Soooo, what do you think about this fabric in a coating weight wool?? I want to make one but I want to make it MN appropriate. Not necessarily for the brutal part of winter, but the 'warmer' part of winter (e.g., 0-30 degrees F).

      I know you said the brocade wasn't a good choice. Was it because of bulk?

  2. Over here from PR, and still love this jacket, lining, etc. Nice, nice job!