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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pin-up girls classic bra!

I completed one of my new year's resolutions--to make a bra!  How fun and so much easier than I had anticipated.  Here is my review for the classic bra pattern.

Pattern Description: There really isn't one on the pattern I purchased, so here is my own.  Full-coverage, unlined bra with partial or full band has cup seams, elastic picot edging, and somewhat wide, comfortable straps.

The CLASSIC Bra PATTERN  A Pin Up Girls Original Pattern

Sizes: Believe it or not, I purchased a small pattern (despite my full bust).  The pattern I purchased covers sizes 30AAA to 38D.  What a wide range of sizes!

The pattern and Manual to get your started are excellent.  The visuals are great and if you've never made a bra before, I highly recommend purchasing the manual as well.  Since I am a visual learner, the pictures were indispensable for me to construct this bra.  

Did my finished bra look like the pattern?  Well, yes, I do believe it does.

Directions: they are really good, even if you've never made a bra (like me!).  The manual has many photographs and the pattern itself has many line drawings, all of which are very helpful.

I purchased the small kits to go along with everything I needed to construct two bras.  The one I photographed is made with one of those kits.  Kits are available at www.bramakers.com

What did I like/dislike?
Directions are great, really great.  If you follow these directions exactly, you'll end up with a well-fitting bra.  I measured everything very carefully and constructed everything slowly so I didn't have to use the dreaded but helpful seam ripper.
I really wish this bra pattern had more support.  I like bras with a little padding and under wires to accommodate my fuller bust.

None.  This was my first ever bra and I wanted to see what if anything I would need to adapt.  I found the bra to fit well and most importantly feel comfortable.  Did I also mention it is pretty?

If you have always wanted to tackle making a bra, I believe this is a great pattern to start with.  Just cut carefully and follow the directions carefully, slow slowly and you'll end up with a pretty undergarment.   Construction from beginning to end is relatively fast, a bra can be completed in a short time.

Thanks for reading!


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