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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

I've heard about writing sewing goals and resolutions for the new year, but just haven't made out a list until my daughter emailed me her sewing goals today.  Now I'm inspired to do the same.  There is just something about actually writing down your goals that makes it so much more real. 

Here are my goals:
1.  Use up more fabrics and patterns from my stash than I actually purchase, or go through my stash on a regular basis and donate what I won't use. 
2.  Finish the 4 quilts I started but put aside
3.  Bras--I too want to try making bras and the last time I went to VS, I spent $55 on one!  Ridiculous! 
4.  Master FBA or pick patterns that are more realistic for my shape
5.  Figure out the best way to finish the top portion of an invisible zipper
6.  Finally use the leather I purchased for a purse two or three years ago
7.  Make more muslins--I think if garments fit better, I'll wear them more. 
8.  Know when to wad--that is quit struggling to finish a flop and move on without guilt. Smile emoticon
9.  Actually read through directions before I start a project and write notes on the pattern sheet with different techniques to try or what can be eliminated or adjusted.  I think I'll remember when it comes to blogging, but chances are I have forgotten.  Also, I don't always realize what I am getting into (just like with cooking) and a garment takes way longer than anticipated! 
10. Catalog my patterns so I know what I have.  I need to put this list on my phone.  Impulse buying of patterns has caused me to purchase duplicates.  I hate that!
I'd love to know your thoughts or what your goals are for 2014!!!
Happy new year everyone!
Sue :)

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