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Friday, January 3, 2014

Kwik Sew 3827 Vest

Oh, I so love Kwik Sew and always wonder after I make them up, I wonder why I held onto the pattern so long! 

Here is my review for Kwik Sew 3827: Angled Front Jacket and Vest Xs to Xl. 
Here is the description from the back of the envelope:
Fitted jacket and vest are lined, have angled front edges and panel seams, back has eight panels, bottom edge is shaped, and back is shorter.  View A jacket has full length sleeves, pockets in front panel seams, stand-up collar, fronts, fold to form lapels, and one button closure.  View B vest has stand-up[ collar and hidden front button closure. 

This pattern is designed for medium-weight woven fabrics. 

Fabric Used: I had this wool in my stash.  I used black lining fabric from my stash as well.  I even had the buttons and snap in my stash!  Since I have no recollection on the cost of anything used in this garment, it must be free, right? 

Did the finished garment look like the pattern envelope?
Well, yes, think it does. 

What did I like/dislike about the pattern?
I thought the fit was spot on.  I made a slightly smaller large, but slightly bigger medium based on my bust measurement and it is just how I wanted it to fit. 
The instructions are really excellent.  Nothing is confusing, causes you to rethink or stop and wonder if you are on the right track.  Very straight forward.
I really like the front of this jacket.  The collar area is fun and on our very cold day today, it was warm and comfortable.
The lining is attached using the burrito method for attaching the hem.  This leaves a mere 6 inches on the side of the lining to either sew by hand or machine.  I love how nice the inside of the vest looks--very professionally finished.  
DH hates the high-low hem of the front/back.  It is a little more dramatic than I thought it'd be but I still like the uniqueness of it.  
The hidden button closure is very well done, easy, looks very professional and is functional as well.  I am going to remember this technique for future garments.  

I tried to make my usual 1/2" sway back adjustment but I will say it was a struggle with the shaping of the jacket back. It was just tough to tell how much to spread the adjustment over the width of eight panels and I should have done a little more in the middle zones.  I'll know for next time. 
I eliminated the top stitching along the panels in the back just because I didn't think they'd show much with the fabric I used.  The bang wasn't worth the buck.

None really.  I like the shape of the front of this jacket/vest and the back.   It went together easily and fairly quickly.  The construction method and order is logical and makes sense.  Nothing was eliminated or left out--which I like!

I enjoyed creating this vest a lot.  It was fast, easy, fun and makes a unique garment.  I plan on making this again only next time I am going to modify the length of the back panels so they are shaped more like the front.  This was fun to create!  Kwik Sew patterns are so well put together, have minimal hand sewing, and look great inside and out.  Love everything about them! 


  1. The fit looks spot-on with the vest ~ it looks like it would be really comfy to wear. I also like KwikSew patterns and often overlook them ... will have to rectify that this year ... J

    1. Thanks so much Judith! I too want to sew many more Kwik Sew patterns. :)

  2. I like this as a vest, great job.