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Monday, December 17, 2018

Dinosaurs for little people!

I love making Christmas gifts for people I love and this year I decided to make some stuffed animals for my four grandbabies.  I like how these turned out, but this isn't the best drafted pattern in the world.  
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Its cute, but I don't feel like you can get a result that looks anything other than home made.  

I made all three dinos.  The brontosaurus is for grandson number 2.  Elliot is 2 and he will hopefully love that the legs coordinate, but don't match the body.  For the eyes, I used a plastic snap layered on top of a scrap of felt.

This T-rex is for Simon who's five.  I thought he'd appreciate the scary face the most.  I really love this fabric and wish I had more to cut all three from.

His spikes are from some Riley Blake fat quarters I had in my stash.  

The Stegosaurus is for Leon.  He is just about 2 months old.  

I really thought about redoing the brontosaurus' legs but my daughter said Elliot will love it anyway.  He's two, he probably will and won't say anything.  I am probably being too critical.   

My pet peeve about this pattern is in the drafting.  I pride myself on cutting, stitching, and carefully sewing.  No matter what I did, the bumps on the face and legs wouldn't disappear.  Ugh.

I guess tho, that these aren't for me but for three precious little boys.  I really hope they love them to pieces!

Thanks for reading!

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