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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anne Klein: Vogue 1499 dress

The minute I saw this pattern from Anne Klein for Vogue (1499), I knew I had to make it!  I love the lines, I love it in a stripe, and I really think it is a classic style calling for a classic fabric.  Nothing screams summer like seersucker! 


You can play with how you lay out this pattern based on how you want the stripes to run.  I choose to vary my slightly from the pattern suggestion by making the back center bodice stripe run up and down, rather than side-to-side.  


I choose to use this beautiful Maggy London seersucker fabric for my dress.

White/Muted Blue 100% Polyester Horizontal Stripe Seersucker - Maggy London - 63W

This photo was copied directly from Fabric Mart's site.  
It is 100% poly and is 63"' wide.  It so and pressed very well.

We had to take the photos indoors as it is pouring outside.  My dog, Lucy, loves to help when it comes to sewing photos.  

I really didn't deviate from the pattern too much.  A few times I sewed on the machine rather than hand stitching.  Some days I love to hand sew and others, well, I will think to find a work-around!  

This dress is super comfortable in this fabric.  It is also lined, and that fabric was also purchased a while ago from Fabric Mart.

I love the cute little sleeves. Did I mention I am very happy with the fit of this dress?  Yes, I know it could use some additional tweaking, but I do believe there is a fine line between fitting comfortably and fitting so you look like a model in a photo!  

I S-T-R-O-N-G-L-Y suggest making a muslin before tackling this dress.  I did to tweak the fit and then had to do some additional tweaking after I made this up.  The most difficult part is to get the bust to fit, especially at the armscyes as it needs to fit snugly.   Typically I don't have any issues with this area with the big four patterns.   

Thanks for reading and I do hope that you are making some great garments for this hot and very humid summer we are having.  If you live in another part of the world, I hope you are looking forward to summer and planning your warm-weather wardrobe!

Thanks for reading!
Sue from Ilove2sew!


  1. Sue, this is lovely! It fits you quite well; great job! I, too, like those sleeves. I had not seen this pattern before, but now will look for it.

    1. Thank you Bernice! I so appreciate your kind words!

  2. This is gorgeous, Sue! I really love this dress, and thought about purchasing this patter, and now after seeing your version; I know that I do!

    1. Thanks so much Candice! I appreciate your kind words!

  3. It's reallyl a lovely dress on you - well done.

  4. I love this pattern, but I'm trying to figure out how to tackle the FBA on it, how did you handle it? The dart seems so short, I'm afraid it will be weird with my G cup..