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Monday, April 4, 2016

Go crazy for polka dots!

I love the asymmetry of this top and after I made one in white, I knew I had to have one with polka-dots, so when I came across this bright pink and white shirting from Fabric Mart, it was a match!
Asymmetrical hem over shirt with an on-trend back treatment

I know this pattern is listed as medium to challenging, but if you've put together a shirt with a collar and stand, you'll have no issues with this top.  This pattern is called the Crystal Over-shirt and it is by StyleArc.  What just made me have to make this was of course the back details.  I love a button up back!

 With all StyleArc patterns, I love the drafting and this one is no exception.  Everything about it is just fantastically well done and thought out.  The placket is one of the easiest I've put together and if you've never made a placket on a knit, this would be a good way to practice as you use a woven so it will be stable and not shift all over the place.

For this version, I left off the button and loops at the side seam and I should note that the directions tell you to put only one button at the side seam and you only cut on tab or loop but the picture indicates two.  I decided to leave off the split at the sleeve hems as well as I knew I'd keep mine rolled slightly.

My usual alterations are a swayback adjustment and a sloping shoulders adjustment.  When I made the shoulder adjustment, I also took down the sleeve cap by the same amount by folding back the cap about 1/4 of the way down from the top edge of the sleeve.  This allows me to keep the shape needed and not mess with the way that portion of the garment fits and looks after completion.

I also choose to make the button holes in the back non-functional so no wardrobe mishaps would occur.  I topstitched many of my seams with white thread, which is optional, according to the pattern directions but with cotton fabric, I find that if I topstitch to help keep seams in place, it does cut down on ironing time.  :)

I love the asymmetry of this top but I don't feel entirely comfortable wearing it with leggings as the shorter side doesn't give me enough coverage.  You may be just fine with the length and leggings but keep in mind I am 5'7" so if you are shorter than that, you will probably be fine!

This is a fun make!  I am sure I will create it again in the future.

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  1. Nice shirt. I own the pattern but haven't made it yet. By the way, I believe the picture only shows one button and one loop but the label may be confusing as there are two arrows and the label is "button + loop". The bottom one is the loop and the top is the button.

    1. Oh, thank you Zeddie for clearing up my confusion on this!