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Monday, February 16, 2015

Coco 3!

I had to make another Coco dress from Tilly and the Buttons.  Such a great little pattern and wow, I love my new dress!  Here is Tilly and her adorable pattern!


This fabric is from FabricMart and I recently was gifted a membership to Julie's picks....dangerous!  My stash has multiplied like a whole slew of rabbits and I am challenging myself to sew 15 pieces from my stash before even looking at or considering any other fabric purchases.  Do you have any idea how difficult this is for a junkie like me?

Anyway back onto what's important....

 This was an instant gratification project, a perfect pattern for a new to knits seamstress as it the directions are all photographs of the work in progress and the written directions are easy to follow as well!

I made a straight up size 5 (Tilly's sizing is different than other patterns).  Since this is my third go around, my modifications are the same:
1.  1/2" swayback adjustment
2.  Elasticize the shoulder seams with clear elastic

I am hoping this dress will lend itself to the spring-like weather that should arrive in the next few weeks!  I wanted 3 quarter length sleeves and love them!  I debated on the funnel neck and this is such a fun little detail that I included it.  I'm super happy with how my stripes match up on the side seams!

All in all, a great pattern, an easy gratification project, and these comfortable dresses are ME!  I'm not done with this pattern yet....

Thanks for reading and I love hearing your remarks!



  1. So cute! You look great in this dress.

    1. Thank you Tomasa! It is a fun little dress to sew and wear!