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Sunday, June 23, 2019

I made a Bra--that fits! Simplicity 8711

Oh goodness, I am so excited!  I finally made a bra that actually fits me and is comfortable to wear.

Here's the pattern I used: 

Image result for images Simplicity 8711

How sweet is this bralette? Simplicity doesn't mince words in their pattern descriptions.  This one simply says, "Misses monowire bra and panties."  

I also order the bra kit from here: https://madalynne.com/  So many fun fabrics and styles!  

The kit arrived in this sweet little pink box with more fabric than I needed.  It also was generous with the elastic amounts.  The only thing that there was only one set of was the o-rings and the sliders, a two-hook-eye combo, and a three-hook-eye combo.  Plus you get one monowire.  

I love that little ruffle at the bottom band.

So, let's chat a bit about sizing.  In the past, I've tried to follow the directions for sizing.  I've made either an enormous bra that wouldn't fit me with great amounts of toilet paper stuffed inside, or one that was too small.  This one, however fits!  I am just giddy about this! 

That little picot edge of the elastic is so cute.  Plus, I love the black lace with the beige lining.  Wouldn't this also be pretty with pink lining?  Actually, any color?

Here's a closer-up of the ruffle.  

And the back, which you can see how the ruffle ends up finishing off.  

And, lastly, a photo of the side seam.  I will be making more bras now!

Thank you Madalynne!
Sue :)

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